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Armour of God (1987)

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Armour of God (1987)


Jackie Chan
Alan Tam
Lola Forner
Rosamund Kwan

Directed by Jackie Chan and Eric Tsang

Distributed by Golden Harvest

This is one of the oldies that made us love Jackie Chan with his regular kung-fu, comedy and stunts, making everything at his reach a weapon, this Indiana Jones style movie had Jackie Chan play the Asian Hawk who hunts for relics and sells them.

Chan came close to death in this film during a relative routine stunt, where he leaped onto a tree from a ledge, but the branch he grabbed snapped, sending Chan plummeting and cracking his skull.

The movie had cool stunts as most usual Jackie Chan movie do, and the Mitsubishi car used by Chan was so odd and grand to watch, we know very well that he does all his own stunts, but I don’t think that includes car stunts.

Chan’s character was a little unrealistic, but after a while you get use to it. Like in all Chan movies the scenery is used to its peak and the movie set a record at its time of release as being the highest grossing movie in Hong Kong.

Jackie Chan has kind of dropped lately in his movie profile; before a Jackie Chan is coming out we expect laughs and stunts, but lately there have just been a shadow of what they use to be, his latest was 1911, which holds a 9% approval in rotten tomatoes, showed us that Chan is losing his edge.

The Forbidden kingdom with fellow martial art star Jet Lee was also not much of a success, it showed us what we all desire to see the two go at it, but other than that the movie was not much to write home about.

But going back to the movie, Armour of God, where Jackie was involved in saving his former girl and now his friend’s girl friend from kidnappers who want him to help get the two remaining piece of the armour of God, since they already possess three.

Chan knew the collector who owned the remaining two, of the armour of God collection that the kidnappers wanted. So Jackie, his friend and the collector’s daughter went with the remaining two set of the armour to use as a bargaining chip to save the girl and then steal all the complete 5 set of the armour for the collector.

All in all, it was fun watching the movie all over again and I advise that you try to do the same.


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