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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)


Jason Lee
David Cross
Jenny Slate
Andy Buckley
Justin Long
Matthew Gray Gubler
Alan Tudyk
Jesse McCartney
Christina Applegate
Anna Faris
Amy Poehler

Directed by: Mike Mitchell

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Directed by Mike Mitchell (Sponge Bob Square Pants, Shrek Forever After), this sequel is so bad that it makes the first installment look like a masterpiece. The makers traded in a good plot for more squeaky songs that makes you wonder why God never gave us the ability to shut your ears.

Now not to sound like a Chipmunk hater, the songs weren’t half bad the movie itself was, making you hate the delay tactics of a song when something should actually be happening.

The movie comes with a lesson in it, saying parents should learn to trust their kids sometimes. The problem is the movie was targeted at 6 year olds (as that will be the only excuse for such a lame script), so if a matured mind can stay up or stay interested that long to get the message, he deserves an award.

Like the name implies our trio Alvin, Simon and Theodore, who were joined in “The Sequekquel” by Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor, get shipwrecked on an island (and one stupid helicopter rescues them in the end, who sent them… ?) as a result of Alvin not listening to Dave (Jason Lee) as usual. In the process of Dave trying to save them he too gets shipwrecked with the antagonist of both the first and second installment Ian Hawke (David Cross) who is also the antagonist of this.

Dave and Ian were marooned on one side of the island looking for Alvin and the boys and the girls. Alvin and his crew were on another side with a woman named Zoe (Jenny Slate) who has been on the Island for 9 years, and has lost it mentally.

Basically that’s all folks, because what we are left to watch are not well put together scenes, as we keep switching between Dave and Ian to Alvin and the rest, the rate of this switch, will make wish "they will find each other already".

This movie is a definite mistake but hope is that a fourth installment will not be drawn up, because i have had enough of the squeaking.

Can I say the director is to be blamed for this?


Let’s put the blame where it should really go, the studios who just won’t quit while they are ahead.

Studios have a knack for milking a franchise till it becomes useless. A trend I hope will die one day. This 3rd Alvin installment is not a must see in any aspect.

The Sitter (2011)

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The Sitter (2011)


Jonah Hill
Ari Graynor
Max Records

Directed by David Gordon Green

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

No need to watch this movie, after I sat through it I wished I could pull out my brain look for where in my memory the movie is stored and erase the every trace of me seeing this film. If you have been watching TV in the last ten years chances are that you have seen this movie a 100 times over, because this was a cliché r us special. First let’s start with the reason a movie is made.

A movie is made so that the viewers will watch and be entertained. This movie keeps you glued to you sit reason being you have probably slept off after the first 20 mins into it, the director and the production crew should be patted on the back for being able to screen this movie and stay awake long enough to green lit the release.

Jonah Hill, could have done better he has done better and this is not one of them. Lacking in focus and drive this movie tells the tale of a Selfish twenty something man named Noah (Jonah Hill), who leaves with his mum and is in a relationship (well not really a relationship just something that looks like it).

He gets a side job to baby sit 3 kids a job he blows (if you have not been able to put that together from the get go of this movie), because the kids were so weird, I actually didn’t believe the director allowed it to pass by unnoticed.
One was Gay? The other a psychopath and the last just wanted to party.

Well how does he blow babysitting?

Easy, he gets a call from his so called girlfriend to come over for sex (something he has been waiting for) and to bring along coke, in the process of getting the coke and heading back for the sex is what the movie is all about.

In the end of this tragedy the director felt it will be nice to pass a message in the movie which he did like as if anybody will notice it underneath all the crap.

David Gordon Green was responsible for this, I should have not wasted my time when I saw his name with this movie, Pineapple Express was manageable, Your Highness was not supposed to be done and now this, Richard Roeper rated the film ‘F’ and named it the worst movie of 2011, I can bet some people agree.
So if you have a free buck and this movie is on sale do yourself a favor save the buck.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)


Tom Cruise
Jeremy Renner
Simon Pegg
Paula Patton

Directed by Brad Bird

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

This fourth installment in the Mission Impossible series is directed by Brad Bird (The Incrediblesand Ratatouille), who is making his debut in a live action movie. Probably used to the realm of the impossible as he makes use of all form of visual effects possible to make this movie keep you jerking in excitement on your sit.

J.J Abrams, who directed the third Installment, produced the movie and introduced some emotions into the action genre, emotions that Bird hardly used in the making of this flick. Abrams called in his writers André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum from the series Alias in the making of the script and the introduction of Simon Pegg added the required humor to keep you smiling here and there.

Ethan Hunt is back the intro scene of him breaking out of a Moscow jail, and the opening sequence of credits in the beginning, masked with colourful CGI effects with the theme song playing at the back makes you smile as you whisper to yourself, “M I”.

The movie features a lot of globetrotting, one in particular that catches the eye and is worth mentioning happens in Dubai. We get to see scenes of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt performing some daring stunts where we see him scale the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world).
Mind you he did all these scenes without a stunt double.

What is Ghost Protocol about?

Well I can tell it is not about masterful acting that is for sure, as the actors seem to be either running, jumping or falling, and of cause fighting.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is needed by the IMF, to stop a nuclear war crazed psycho Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist). Ethan was sent to Kremlin (after they broke him out of jail in Moscow) with a team to steal Nuclear Codes. His team consisted of Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Jane Carter (Paula Patton) and their jobs were simple, infiltrate Kremlin and steal the codes. The team failed after being out smarted by Hendricks and someone blows up Kremlin, leaving Ethan and his team to take the blame. The president issues a Ghost Protocol dissolving the IMF.

Ethan meets with the Secretary who was with his chief analyst William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), so as to discuss the way forward. On their journey their car gets shot at, killing the secretary and leaving Ethan and William to run for safety.
William joins the team and they fly to Dubai to stop the Nuclear Codes from changing hands.

Want to know what happens next, go the nearest cinema, when you are done come back and tell me what you think.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

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Arthur Christmas (2011)



James McAvoy
Hugh Laurie
Bill Nighy
Jim Broadbent
Imelda Staunton
Ashley Jensen

Directed by Sarah Smith

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

Full of love, joy and smiles, how often do you watch a Christmas movie and find yourself smiling although?

Arthur Christmas is produced by Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures Animation. Not the conventional CGI makers as the picture quality is not as fluid and grand like those of Pixar, but the fun of watching the story paid off. This duo production company put together a Christmas treat, which I believe will be watched over and over again, not because of the season…. No but because of the reason it was made, to share the Christmas cheer.

The production company Aardman, known for clay animation as they are responsible for the Wallace and Gromit animations, made sure we fully understand that the secret behind Santa flying around the world, delivering gifts.

Santa actually has with him some special trained elves that are like Special Forces, mixed with some Jackie Chan and Bond. They kinda break into homes do some unbelievable maneuvers to make sure that in any city they are in, gifts are delivered to all children in seconds. This is shown in the opening sequence of the movie before the story starts.

We are taken into the introduction of the cast as the movie progress we have

Arthur (James McAvoy), the clumsy younger son of Santa and Mrs Santa
Steve (Hugh Laurie) the elder brother, arrogant and an over achiever
Santa (Jim Broadbent), throughout the movie you never get this guy

And then there is the main man of the movie (in my opinion) Grand-Santa(Bill Nighy) a 136 year old cranky Santa that just wants to show Steve how it used to be done.

The plot of the movie plays off as simple as any Christmas movie plot would, It is Christmas Eve and Santa’s 70th run as Santa (that is this Santa) and as usual the elves have been working, the presents packed, stacked and loaded on the… in this movie sleigh is olden days stuff, Santa rides an ultra-high-tech sleigh titled the S-1, not driven by reindeers though. Santa sets off and the elves are all up and going and then in the end all was delivered to the over 2 billion kids waiting.
In the end of this trip, Santa decides to still go for his 71st run next year (to Steve dismay) when Steve expects him to retire, in the dining during dinner Steve gets a buzz something is wrong.

One Child was missed, in all the hustle, one child got left out Steve is fine since success is just 0.0000000001 shot of a 100 %, but Arthur was not.

So what happens?  Go watch and tell me what you think.

The movie does justice of passing along a message for the young viewers that it is not all about who gets the glory, as long as the job gets done. Also we all need to work together not everyone can lead some have to be the wingmen that makes sure the leader gets his work done right. I do hope a sequel to this is made will like to see the whole family again.