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Top 10 Movies in 90s That I Loved As A Kid

This is a list of movies I loved when I was a KID in the 90s, I really hope to see your list in the comment box below

I was born in the 80s so most definitely the movies that I remember watching are those that I saw in the 90s, so this is a list of the movies that fall in my favorite list, some of which you will not see in the list of top movies in the 90s but when I was young these are the movies I watched over a 100 times.

This happens to be my first introduction into the turtle franchise, I saw this movie when I was young and I loved it, it was dark and featured some intense action and fight scenes, and it even showed some scenes that implied death.
Done during the era when the turtle franchise was at its peak, all kids I knew had one or the other turtle gadget, I for one owned a turtle watch, turtle notebooks and other franchise, I was in the turtle craze.

I will be lying if I said I didn’t learn the Hakuna song, I was young and danced to it, the whole Lion King saga made me go crazy for Disney and I just kept the craze on, and I have been watching as much of their movies as I can lay my hands on.
Disney had the juice, they made the songs easy to pick up and before you knew it, you were singing along. It was so bad I knew the babbling rubbish that the Monkey with Baloo sang in the Jungle Book.

To be honest I had a little too much of this film when I was young, after getting hooked on Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days, the moment this movie came out I was on queue to see it. When I was young the movie was darn cool, although when I think about some of the incidence again I realize how bogus this movie really was.

If there was a hero that we kids loved then it was this guy, his was everything, and could do anything. This hero was so outstandingly cool he gave the bad guys wedgies.

I was quite young when this movie came out, so I didn’t really grab all that it had to offer, but as I grew older I loved and made sure that I saw it close to a 100 times, the idea of a fun perfect family on screen is a Hollywood material that never seems to fade.
Every time the name Steve Martin comes to mind, all I remember is Father of the Bride, the jokes are hilarious, the screenplay is memorable and if you missed this in the 90s I wonder what you were watching.

At number five is no other than Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. This movie is one I loved mostly because the Dinosaurs looked real. I was young so I wasn’t looking out for the special effect power, all I wanted was to be scared and thrilled and at my age then that was what I got.

I didn’t get to really love this movie till I was much older in the 90s and I tell you since I did, I have never stopped loving it. I recall that it took me 4 years after its release to truly feel and respect the magnificence of the work done in this movie Shawshank Redemption is a classic among classics a movie I believe is not given enough recognition.

Here comes the Men In Black, galaxy defenders:
Let me see ya just bounce it with me, just bounce with me
Just bounce it with me c'mon
Let me see ya just slide with me, just slide with me
Just slide with me c'mon
Let me see ya take a walk with me, just walk it with me
Take a walk with me c'mon
And make your neck work
Now freeze...

I’ll be back…
Here is the movie of the 90s, Terminator 2 put Arnold’s name on the lips of every kid on the street we were running around with the intention of terminating some bad guy. We started to envy Connor, because by his side was the coolest best friend ever.

I know many are like what, but to be honest my sister and I watched this movie on VHS till the tape started to fold, as in it became a daily watch, it was like a ritual no week went by that we didn’t see this and the funny thing is, we knew the words from the beginning of the film to the end.
I was like 8 or 9 when I saw this movie, although it came out earlier and all I can remember is shouting cowabonga all through school.

This is my top movies that I loved as a kid.

Others that I loved were


  1. Some movies i loved:

    Beauty and the beast, aladin, hercules, tarzan (most common walt disney movies tho).

    hard target, universal soldier(van damme)

  2. Universal Soldier was actually great... I loved not too freaked about Hard Target

  3. The man that knew too little... sound of music (don't really know the year that came out but I still have it) Cinderella. . Wish master... (really love it) beauty and the beast.... happily ever after (drew barrymore's Cinderella) 12th kingdom.... (have that 1 too) she's all that...

  4. Bukky...

    Wishmaster (wonderful) i remember loving this movie then only part 1 & 2

    She's all that, how did i ever forget about this movie

    but which movie is 12th kingdom? and sound of music was done in the 60s not 90s

  5. Remember the movie about the prince that turned into a dog... that mirrors were used as passage ways... that 1 guy broke a wall of mirrors then fell and broke his back coz of the bad luck.... its a good movie.. love it... oh I also own the 1st wives. Club....

  6. 1. Shawshank Redemption
    2. Godfather I
    3. Godfather II
    4. City of God
    5. Silence of the lambs
    6. Saving Private Ryan
    7. The Usual Suspects
    8. Road to Perdition
    9. The Pursuit of Happiness
    10. Lion King

  7. Road to Perdition - Tom Hanks, i loved that movie.

    Pursuit of Happiness is just too sad for me

  8. HEYO TOSIN by the way, what happened to your followers page and pageviews? did you remove it? goes
    1. Father of the Bride
    2. Face off
    3. Con air
    4. #singing with you#here comes the men in black
    5. Home alone
    6. Police story. this one i remembered Jackie starred in it and i could watch it over and over again
    7. duel of the masters(one chinese film like that. u need to know how me and my cousin used to sneak to watch the film whenever nobody is at home. i doubt the film is in the nineties sef. it myt be eighty something
    8.Lion king!
    9. Beauty and the beast
    10. Hercules
    11. short circuit
    12. karate kid
    13. No retreat, no surrender
    i know i did more than but all the same enjoy my selection
    dont mind me for responding late.

  9. Short Circuit...No Retreat No surrender oldies...nice one

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