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The Internship (2013)

The Internship (2013)


Owen Wilson
Vince Vaughn

Directed by Shawn Levy

The film felt like how the characters were portrayed to feel when two old guys probably in their 40s were thrown into a mix with 20 something young adults. They felt out of place and not up to date with the current trend, which is exactly how the film felt, silly, outdated and out of place.

I will at any time go see an Owen Wilson movie; now mix it up with Vince Vaughn and you have me by the neck. But after just one hour into this film I felt everyone who will ever watch this film will not do so because of the bad review I’m giving it but because they like me, love these old guys and will love to pay them some respect by going to see them act.

This movie will probably go into the Guinness book of records as the longest ad ever. I’m a huge Google fan, in fact this site you reading this on is hosted by Google, but I was just tired of seeing that name plastered everywhere on the screen in this movie.

Bad enough that these old guys (Owen Wilson plays Nick Campbell, and Vince Vaughn plays Billy McMahon) after losing their jobs as watch salesmen, apply for a job in Google and are taking in as an intern, in the most unbelievable mockery of the term interview.
We also have to see what I will describe as a total stereotyping of I.T. lovers, I don’t think geeks hop around on broomsticks playing Muggle Quidditch, and if there so happen to be some geeks who do, please get a life.

The movie’s story also drags on and on, with us knowing that they will eventually get the job, so there was no surprise there.

The Internship looks like a recipe for a box office mishap, and it is nothing compare to the duos previous work together in Wedding Crashers (2005), here it just seems like the story is too limited and not enough was explored to bring out the best in the story. In the area of acting well the guys looked a little under utilized, the comedy is just dull, and you will watch this movie for close to 2 hours and not even grin.

I won’t advice this movie for anyone who is in the mood to see a good film, it is not worth the time and the cash. Do what I do when I hear a movie missed the mark, wait for the DVD to come out and go watch it in the house of the poor unfortunate soul who bought it.

Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim (2013)


Charlie Hunnam
Idris Elba
Rinko Kikuchi
Charlie Day

Directed by Guillermo del Toro

To be honest I cannot find a reason to tell anybody to watch this movie, the critics rating for this movie is too high (rated 72% on Rotten Tomatoes ), which amazes me, because after like an hour into the movie I was so tired of all that is going on and I wanted to leave. It is not the whole fiction that fagged me out, but all that led to what some will think is a grand ending just made me want to sleep.

I advise anyone that wants to watch this movie to wait and loan it from a friend, as I regret not only the time that went into seeing this flick, but the financial implications that follow.

When you watch movies like Real Steel (2011) which also featured robots being synced with humans, you notice that the idea of using robots to fight can be done in a fluid manner and not made to look stiff.

In the Hugh Jackman movie Real Steel, the robots were controlled by humans also, but the robots were human size. Here in this Pacific Rim the robots are as large as dinosaurs and they require two humans to control them, the human brain is synced with the robots control mechanism and the two humans synced together for the control of these robots have their brains simulating the right and left hemisphere of the brain which is simulated by the robots CPU.

Now this large robots are really massive making them stiff in their movement, which is understandable, but annoying. All the same as the fight scenes were slow, it looked more like the monsters were slower themselves. Making it seem like it was not a fair fight from the origin, the Robots were meant to win.

Then there is the theory of world destruction which is due to some mystic alien forces that have created a portal and are sending these monsters to our planet to wipe us out. The theory is cool, (Spoiler Alert) but then the whole kamikaze thing to destroy the portal at the end felt so much like Independence Day (1996) ending, ironically Independence Day (1996) was also about alien invasion.

When it comes to directing and acting, the movie had it, but to me Guillermo del Toro had it in mind to make a Transformersmovie with a difference, so he just pulled ideas together and came up with this movie.

As I said I will not be watching this movie again, and I will not recommend it either, because I keep asking myself what is there to watch.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)


Starring the voice
Justin Chambers
Kevin McKidd
Michael B. Jordan
C. Thomas Howell

Directed by Jay Oliva

If you have not read the comic or read up about this flick, there are two things to look forward to
1.       Batman actually shed a tear in the end
2.       Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne/Batman’s father) is a bad ass

After a long wait to see a Flash animated movie (by that I mean, I wanted to see a Flash animated movie) DC finally delivered with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox a movie about Barry Allen’s desire to save his mum from being killed when he was young.
This 2013 animated movie is an adaptation of the 2011 DC comic book called Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. This is also DC’s 17th direct to DVD animation and DC decided to go all out with this one, because it is as dark as they come, with Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) making as much trouble as he could.

Here in this flick the animation is above average, but the voice casting is one I truly enjoyed, the violence level was tuned up a bit making it more violent than Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1 & 2). In the beginning of the movie I felt the violence was a little over stretched but later on I felt otherwise.

The whole Flashpoint comic and this animation is enlightening for those who love the Flash and desire to know more about him and how his power functions. We get educated on what happens when he runs faster than the time barrier which explains how he and Reverse Flash can travel through time.

Sometimes one of the difficulties review writers have to face is writing a review without pulling out spoilers to ruin it for the reader, so I will try my best.
After defeating Reverse Flash and his gang Barry Allen goes for a run and wakes up to see that there is an alteration timeline, where he is no longer The Flash.

This alteration created a ripple, where we see Thomas Wayne being the Batman instead of his son Bruce Wayne. This is nothing the whole earth too was coming to an end as a war between Aquaman's Atlantis,and Wonder Woman's Amazons was going to lead to the destruction of all life on earth.
The Flash must now team up with other heroes in this new time to restore the timeline back to the way it was before.

The directing in this animation was done by Jay Oliva who was also the man behind the chair for the 2012 (Part1) and 2013 (Part 2) animated adaptation of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, both of which had the same dark feel like this animation.

My conclusion is, I did enjoy this movie from the beginning to the end, although it is not the best DC animation that there is, it is one for the shelf, so make sure that you get the DVD.

The Lone Ranger (2013)

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The Lone Ranger (2013)


Johnny Depp
Armie Hammer
William Fichtner
Tom Wilkinson

Directed by Gore Verbinski

Growing up I heard about the whole Lone Ranger thingy and his faithful side kick Tonto and let’s not forget his horse Silver. But not once did I ever imagine myself watching a film about it. Disney decided, “what the heck, let’s turn this one time radio show to a movie” and somehow they are disappointed that it is not making any money?
When you decide to make a movie of a franchise that was once a radio show, the first thing you have to look at is your audience, Disney failed to ask the most important question of all, are the people who love Lone Ranger and Tonto still alive?

In addition this Lone Ranger movie is 1 hour too long, the Lone Ranger himself reminded me of the character Rodney (who is popular for being well informed but daft) in Only Fools and Horses as he was a naïve misfit who was nothing without Tonto.

Another thing to think about is, “why is Hollywood thinking that the longer the better?”
Almost every movie that is released today is over 2 hours long, the problem with these lengthy movies is that if it is not well filled it will make the whole movie look pointless and blank.

The plot goes: Ambushed by the outlaw and left for dead, John Reid is rescued by the renegade Comanche, Tonto, at the insistence of a mysterious white horse and offers to help him to bring Cavendish to justice. Becoming a reluctant masked rider with a seemingly incomprehensible partner, Reid pursues the criminal against all obstacles. (plot culled from IMDB)

Deciding to use Jonny Depp in a movie doesn’t mean the movie is going to sell, it just means you just wasted a hell lot of money trying to force upon us in the 21st century a show that our grandparents liked.
The makers paid a hell lot of money to have Johnny Depp in this movie, because in the Lone Ranger story Lone Ranger is the lead actor and Tonto his side kick, in this movie it was like the other way round, with Tonto being more in control and the Lone Ranger is just a plonker.

Hollywood has reached a point that new ideas and risks may fail, that is why we are seeing remakes/reboots and a lot of action hero movies being done over and over again. There is a new Wolverine movie coming out, and as I am right now, I’m sick and tired of the X-Men and anything from it. But what do you expect the studios to do, John Carter was new and it flopped and now Lone Ranger, at this rate the only movies Disney or anyone will want to do will be remakes (that is why Disney is working on remaking Jungle Book and Cinderella).

My final take is, after an hour of watching, I felt sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen this movie and is thinking of going to see it.

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

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Despicable Me 2 (2013)


Starring the voice of
Steve Carell
Kristen Wiig
Benjamin Bratt
Miranda Cosgrove
Russell Brand

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

When you are watching a part two of a film you have to bring to focus the feeling the first part of the movie left behind when you were done watching it, it is that feeling that you compare with this one. Well in all, this movie is a little like the first, but with a new adventure, so if you liked the first like I did, you will certainly like this one.
Despicable Me 2 is a 3D computer-animated family sci-fi, crime comedy film and the sequel to the 2010 animated film Despicable Me produced by Illumination Entertainment.

After Gru stole and returned the moon back with the help of his adorable minions and a master plan that involved him adopting 3 beautiful girls, I was curious like any other to see what life will be like for the once notable super villain, turned father.

Despicable Me 2 did not lack in the fun that its predecessor had, the movie now had a new focus since Gru is no longer a villain his life was much different, and his new focus has become his children. The whole fun in this movie has a lot to do with Gru dealing with one of his children facing the adolescence which include boys, and the movie also added a love interest for Gru a woman who is just as crazy as he is.

In this second part Gru is recruited by AVL (Anti-Villain League) as a whole lab was stolen and in the lab was a serum that can mutate a living organism into a killing animal. AVL teamed Gru with Lucy and together they are to infiltrate a shopping mall and try to locate the person who stole the lab and the serum.

As easy enough as the job looked Gru made it more complex as he suspected one restaurant owner as the culprit not because of a proof, but because the restaurant owner’s son has taken a likening to his daughter; so Gru wanted both father and son arrested.

But things got more complicated when Gru noticed that some of his minions have gone missing, and his partner was also kidnapped. With all this happening and the responsibility of fatherhood hanging on him, Gru has to find a way to save his minions and the world from the criminal mastermind.

The voice casting for Despicable Me is one that always thrills me, I do enjoy the voice casting very much and the characters they introduce into the movies are always extreme, that you either find them extremely annoying or very interesting. Despicable Me 2 is a lot of fun and I do hope we get to see a Despicable Me 3 in the near future.