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John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)


Keanu Reeves

Directed by Chad Stanhelski

John Wick: Chapter 2 ends with our boogey man running to begin the much-expected part third chapter to this story of a retired assassin who is finding it hard to stay retired.

This second addition to the John Wick story is laced with enough action choreography to make you wish some scenes dragged on longer. You will watch this movie knowing that when the DVD comes out you will need to own it so you can re-watch some scenes again.

The action scenes in this sequel are better compared to the first.Although the first movie’s action sequence totally made no sense neither was it realistic, but it was entertaining – this chapter 2 sequence was a complete assassination to reality.
We see him survive falls, care accidents and take down men with numerous bullets flying by. In all of this he acted like he was taking a jog through a park and having a picnic by the side.
It is obvious with the way the movie ended that the third part will leave the viewer’s mouth wide open from the beginning to the last scene.

Here is Keanu Reeves reliving his Matrix days where the impossible existed in the fictional world he lived in, well in this fictional world of well organized crime he is the Neo and for fun the producers introduced Morpheus from Matrix into the list of cast in this movie.
Laurence Fishburne is in the cast, but with a small part in the movie and looks promising for his character in the probably third chapter of John Wick.

The movie plots start days after the first. John goes after the brother of Viggo and the uncle to Losef from the first movie to recover his car, which was the attraction that begun the events of John Wick: Chapter 1.

After getting his car and heading back home, he gets a visit from a friend D’Antonio who helped him in the past to get out asking for him to come back to the dark side based on a pact they had.
John asked D’Antonio not to ask for him to come back, but D’Antonio will not play ball and burnt down John’s house with all his memorabilia of his former life.

Not having a choice John had to fulfill the task his friend asked of him as it was a code in the criminal underworld. Unhappily John succeeds, but D’Antonio had not choice on his end but to try and kill John to tie up loose ends as the task he asked of John cannot have loose ends.

The murder attempt on John was unsuccessful and now John is hunting his friend who placed a price tag on his head worth over seven million dollars.

Anyone who is anyone took a shot at John and he just kept going determined to end D’Antonio no matter what it takes or what it will cost him in the end.

Here is an action-packed movie that is worth seeing.