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I Kill Giants (2018)

I Kill Giants (2018)


Madison Wolfe
Imogen Poots
Sydney Wade
Zoe Saldana

Directed by Anders Walter

I Kill Giants is a fun movie which delivers a moving fantasy with enough depth to keep you intrigued and entertained over the entire run-time.
The movie is like an onion, they are many levels to see when you pull back the previous layer. The movie is an adaptation of Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura's graphic novel I Kill Giants. It tells the tale of a young girl who deals with both internal and external demons. By her side is her Sister, Therapist and only friend as they try to keep her from going off the deep end in her struggles.

This magical journey has attached to it, good graphics and the directing is one to admire. The director did a good job in merging reality with fantasy of the below plot.

Our hero and Giant Killer is Barbara. Barbara is convinced that she is the one selected to save the world from the giants coming to kill everyone. She sets traps for them and hunts them with her weapon specially made to kill giants.
In her little bag is her hammer like weapon named Coveleski.
Barbara knows all there is to know about Giants, the different kinds, what they eat and how they hunt. She has with her a book of her extended study into these creatures and she is hell bent on stopping them and saving the world.

Her problem is further compounded by her behavior. She is distance from others and is not afraid to take on bullies. Her many antics to get off being around other people are something of deep imagination and her internal struggles causes her break ever too often on screen.

One day she meets a young girl like her, who moved to America from Leeds, England. The girls name is Sophia. They face many bumps in their relationship many caused by Barbara instability. Sophia is a good person and regardless of how bad things get between her and Barbara she always had Barbara’s back when the situation needed it.

Then there is the therapist, Mts Molle. She too was trying hard to be there for Barbara, but again Barbara’s outburst and constant instability was also making it difficult. Then there is the person bearing the whole burden, Karen, Barbara’s sister. She is working hard to care for the family and also trying her best to be there for Barbara, her brother and everything else.

The movie is a cool roller coaster and it is very deep and revealing the struggles people face in getting by. I advise you take the time to see this movie you will be glad you did.

Venom (2018)

Venom (2018)


Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Riz Ahmed

Directed by Ruben Fleischer

Ok, some slurppy writing and many killings are the traits of this Venom movie and I have to say it was fun to see.
The movie didn’t have the Disney/Marvel magic, but Sony has found another goldmine and the ending credit introducing Carnage was awesome. Sony has decided to turn this movie to a franchise of many other Venom movies to come.

Our Eddie Brock is played by Tom Hardy and he is well suited for the role. He for me was the best thing the movie had to offer and it was fun seeing the way he and Venom merged and took on the world.
You may not be a fan of the movie’s various change in pace, at one time we are on a high speed chase, the next a long monologue. Then we are climbing skyscrapers only to get there and leave a note. Aside for the inconsistency in the tone of the movie and everyone else being not up to par with Tom Hardy, this was a fun movie.

Marvel may have to wait a long time before they can get their hands on the Spider-man franchise again. Because as we all know Sony has a huge well of characters in this franchise that they can just spin off.

The movie starts with an intro into Eddie Brock’s life. He is an investigative journalist who is after everyone bad and seems to care less the way he gets things done.
Brock was given a case to cover a man named Carlton Drake. Carlton to the world is a good person trying to make the world a better place, but as we get to see – reverse was the case. Carlton had a moral problem, he was focused on result and it didn’t matter to him who got hurt in the process.
Brock decided to go after Carlton instead and it cost him his job, his livelihood, his girlfriend and she also lost her job.

Carlton was the one who brought the symbiotes to earth and he has been testing it on humans hoping to find a good host for the symbiotes. Things were getting dark very quickly and one of the research scientist reached out to Eddie to investigate. Eddie broke into the facility and while searching about sees a homeless woman which he knew. He broke her out, but she attacks him and transfers her symbiote into him and she dies.

That symbiote was Venom. Eddie and Venom then begun a relationship that was not going well at first. Venom having his own plan like the other symbiotes to turn earth into a feeding ground, later changed his mind and he and Eddie decided to work together to bring down Carlton. (Yeap, the mind changing was silly.)

The movie has been a huge financial uplift to Sony and we can rest assured more movies will follow.

Searching (2018)

Searching (2018)


John Cho
Debra Messing

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty

There are great movies and there are good movies… Searching is a great movie. I just never could tell what was going to happen at every turn. The determined father who has decided not to allow anyone keep him away from finding his daughter is such an inspirational tale, from this movies perspective.

The ending of this movie is the twist that you will never see coming. I could never in my wildest imagination put together that such an ending was ahead. And when I finally got a hand on what really happened to Margot, Margot is the name of the missing girl, the movie was not done yet. There was another twist waiting and then an ending with a full closure.

The movie had two main people involved, John Cho and Debra Messing. Cho played the father of Margot the missing girl and his portrayal was just out of this world amazing.

The movie plot starts with the introduction of David Kim (John Cho) and his family. He is married to Pamela and they have a daughter named Margot.

David is struggling to keep his relationship with his daughter going well, since Pam’s passing. We see the struggle as he chats with Margot.
One day, David wakes up and sees two missed calls from Margot, he calls back and no answer. He then waits and sends her a whole lot of messages but no answer.

He calls the cops and a detective named Rosemary Vick (Debra Messing) was attached to the case. They continue their search for Margot, with David always leading the charge as he breaks into his daughter’s social media accounts and was able to call everyone who knew anything about her.

This was not helping at the moment and Debra keeps investigating and coming up with things pertaining to Margot. She found a secret cash account, fake drivers license and a huge money trail indicating that Margot ran away.

David refused to quit searching and he keeps coming up with things and clues which made it look that something bad had happened to Margot, but what?

The “what” is what you have to watch to find out.

The movie was written and directed by filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty and I can see great things coming in for this man if he continues this way. The directing of this movie is much to be respected and the way the movie was put together. We see the actors on live streams and video calls. Watch their movement via webcam and seeing things from their perspective was just top notch.
Searching was a critical success and from the commercial standpoint, the movie made over $70 million from a $1 million budget.
Goes to show that you do not need mega box to do a great movie.

If you have not seen Searching, go see it now you will be glad you did.

Blindspotting (2018)

Blindspotting (2018)


Daveed Diggs
Rafael Casal

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada

Blindspotting is not a movie for every screen even though this drama comedy can resonate with the mind of anyone who sees it.
What I really enjoyed is how two lifelong friends of mixed race (one black and the other white) get to grow to have their life redefined by what they are experiencing.
Although like me, you may not be down with many of the dream scenes and cut-away scenes to get to know the mind of the lead, the movie itself showcases good screenwriting.
The movies transition from what at first appears to be a comedy to a dramatic soul searching journey of two men trying to understand life dynamic is cool to see.

The movie plot is about a man on parole named Collin (Daveed Diggs). Collin has three days left on his parole and he wants to keep his nose clean and get away free. What seems like a hindrance to this is his childhood friend Miles (Rafael Casal). Miles has refused to let go of the old childish ways and be responsible, and Collin fears that Miles could be a problem.
That fear is further deepen by his ex who keeps saying that Collin would not have gone to jail if Miles had been a better friend.

Collin was involved in a fight which he was in on his own. Miles who was sitting saw the fight and jumped in to help his friend beat up the other person. Collin goes to jail and Miles never stopped being there for his friend.
But Collin’s ex sees it another way, she left him when he got thrown in jail and to her Miles is Collin’s major problem.

Collin’s life was not getting easier as he witnessed a white cop gun down a black man who was running away from being arrested.
Adding this to the current issues going on in his head, Collin is trying to deal with everything and even Miles while looking out for himself.

The movie does one thing right that I enjoyed. It addresses the difficulty that comes with being there for your friends.
People always have ideas of how best you can be there for them or for someone else. Nobody cares to think if the other party knows better. Neither do they care if the party is being there for his friend the best way he knows how.

Blindspotting is fun and enjoyable. A good movie to see anytime. It has gained some great critical reviews from critics and audience. It has also gotten award recognition for its work.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)


James Franco
Brendan Gleeson
Zoe Kazan
Liam Neeson
Tim Blake Nelson
Tom Waits

Directed by the Coen brothers

That is how I felt when I got to the end of this film. This American western anthology film is written, directed, and produced by the Coen brothers. They felt it best to have Netflix finance their movie as all other studios will not dare mount this their fair project.
To be candid this is a masterpiece of a movie, the story telling is engaging at every turn and the brothers love to keep the suspense going as each tale ends in a way you could not have imagined.

Add to that the music included in some of the stories especially the first were just magical and entertaining.
The movie is a collection of six short western stories.
The movie starts with a view of an old book with the title The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and Other Tales of the American Frontier. Then each story kicks off with a picture of a scene in the tale. A hand then appears to turn the page to reveal the story and then we are transported into the pages.

Now Buster Scruggs story is just the first and his tale is about him, going about singing and killing anyone who fails to be homely. His own tale has an ending you will find very amusing.
Then we have to witness a bank robber who just picked the wrong back to rob. He goes in expecting to leave with all the money, but the cashier had more than one screw missing. He stopped the robber and he was arranged to be hung. The hanging did not got as planned and so did everything that followed, the tale ended up in a full circle for our bank robber.
The third tale is titled Meal Ticket, which best describe this tale. A traveler goes about with a performer who has no hands and no legs. The gift of the performer is to be able to recite Shakespare and other wonderful books, Their tale is one I best leave for you to see.
The fourth tale was somehow my second favorite of them all after that of Buster Scruggs. Here we see a man who goes about digging for gold and is very determined in his chase for the gold. It is how his tale ended that is the cool thing of this story.
The fifth tale takes joint second with the forth for me I cannot seem to separate the two. This is a tragedy story of a woman who lost her brother and is finding it hard to get by on her travels. With her is a man who took her under his wings to care for her.
The last tale is the third best, it takes place in a stage coach where five passengers just discourse life and their view of it. It also has beautiful songs.

So The first tale goes in first, very entertaining, then the fourth and fifth take joint second. The Sixth will be fourth, the second tale will be the fifth most entertaining and I very much didn’t fancy Meal Ticket.

Go see this movie on Netflix you will be glad you did.

Destination Wedding (2018)

Destination Wedding (2018)


Winona Ryder
Keanu Reeves

Directed by Victor Levin

Well two people who happen to be meant for each other meet on the way to a Destination Wedding and they fall in love. You know that thing that never happens ever. Everything that never happens ever happens in this movie.
You can claim that’s the point of movies, creating the atmosphere where dreams and wishes can come to life. I beg to disagree a little substance of reality helps to ground movies and make them more fun and entertaining.

The movie in itself was not that funny, it was everything but that. Romance is also one thing I wondered where its presence was.
The lead male character was rude, annoying and just not the kind of person you would expect anyone to like. The lead female character was just too pushy on him and I for one didn’t see the reason that was allowed to happen after the two had sex.

The movie just kept getting excited by the two getting together that we get a long time watching them talking about things that you can skip through. The director enjoyed the idea of his characters discovering themselves that he forgot we the audience could careless.

This romantic comedy like I described above is about two people, Lindsay (Winona Ryder) and Frank (Keanu Reeves). They are invited to a wedding of Frank’s stepbrother who happened to be Lindsay’s ex from more than five years ago.

The couple meet at the airport on their way to board a small plane to the location. The plane was an eight sitter and from the moment they met standing beside each other, things didn’t go well.
They had a banter at the airport and another on the plane. When they got off the plane, one car was sent to pick them up to take them to the hotel where they were in a room beside each other.

They were also sat together at the rehearsal dinner.
The two never stop going at each other, with Frank being the sort of person you can bet you read somewhere. He probably has a problem with his brain making it hard for him to socialize, but he did well getting over that part after the two had sex.

What led to the sexual encounter is the most annoying thing ever and the sexual act was so so not fun to see and it went on for just too long. They kept talking and discussing things that were just too awkward.

In the end like the end of every romantic movie, they could not do without each other. What a load of crap.

Sorry To Bother You (2018)

Sorry To Bother You (2018)


Lakeith Stanfield
Tessa Thompson
Jermaine Fowler

Directed Boots Riley

Sorry to bother you starts off by pricing itself as a movie trying to attack how much we rely on ignorance of what wealthy company do with our freedom. It also attacks the way capitalism is consuming the existence of those who cannot be in the top one percent. Finally the movie tries to address the racial discrepancy in the way people address us based on how we sound.

All the above makes it seem like you are about to witness a movie with a strong political statement masked with enough comedy to keep you glued. I have to apologize to does who found this movie entertaining and the message worth experiencing because to me this movie was crap.

The acting was not jumping right at you from this movie. As our lead goes about looking for job in an economy that has seemed to have drained the whole society. He lives in his uncle’s garage and he is barely making by. He got a job at telemarketing and there he is trying to make as much sales as he can so he can earn enough commission to get a life.

On TV is the constant ad of a company asking people to willing come and sign on and get free food, accommodation and never worry about utility. The catch is, you are basically selling your life away. You will live in like a dormitory and have no more privacy.

He has considered this, but choose not to be trapped. At work his colleagues are making a move to kick back against the cooperation and he instead of joining of the ranks stab his friends in the back.
He took a promotion at work because of his outstanding performance and choose the money over his friends.

Things start to turn around fast. He lost his girlfriend and soon he gets to see the cruel intention of the company offering free life for nothing. He then sees the turned around when he finds out who really he is working for.

If you still choose to see this movie, I wish you luck because I think the message have been better extracted here in this review.

It appeared to me as a short film spread over too many reels. The message could have best been passed in fifteen minutes instead of the over an hour and a half they spent passing the most important message of all. People are aware of all the above and do not care.
Yes we are aware of what Facebook is doing with our personal details, but still we do not care. We continue to post on social media regardless of all the negative things we have heard is happening.

Fake news is spreading and we have been turned to a work horses for these companies. We do not get paid for all the money we are helping them to make, but are fed anxiety and finicky pleasure.

Yes, everyone is aware of the crime being committed by all these tech giants and we do not care because we are hooked. We are hooked and this movie kept losing itself in the obscure reality of things and failed to entertain but the least.

Death Becomes Her (1992)

Death Becomes Her (1992)


Meryl Streep
Goldie Hawn
Bruce Willis

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

In 1992 we got to see Meryl Streep in a comedy. She decided to branch her powers in a role that is not well known with her, and it was not so spectacular to be honest.

It is not that she does not have the artistry to pull of a comedy, it is just we are not familiar with that side of her. That said, Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn were comfortable in their roles in this comedy.

Produced and directed by Robert Zemeckis, this fantasy comedy is about two women obsessed in making each other unhappy. Their game and punches didn’t sit well as they aged, and both decided to take a dive in the fountain of youth.

It starts with Madeline (Meryl Streep) stealing Helen’s (Goldie Hawn) man, Dr. Ernest (Bruce Willis). Helen was very sure Madeline would do such a thing because all their lives since they were young that has been Madeline’s goal.

Helen is heart broken and ends up in a looney bin when Madeline went ahead to marry Ernest. There all she could think about was getting even with Madeline, some years after Helen wrote a book and cleaned up.

She invites Madeline and Ernest to her launch, but when Madeline saw her, she was not the same fat Helen she once knew. Helen has transformed to a skinny, sexy looking lady looking thirty in her fifties.

Helen started to pull the strings of her game, telling Madeline that she has forgiven her and that she blames Ernest for not being faithful. The twist is what she tells Ernest, that she has forgiven him and blames Madeline for stealing him away from her. Together they start to plan Madeline’s murder.

Madeline went to go see her plastic surgeon to see if she could get some more surgery done. She was turned down, but a man gave her a card to go see someone who could do a miracle for her. Madeline went and the lady she saw, looked thirty, but says she was seventy-one.

The lady reveals to Madeline the secret of her beauty and youth, which was an expensive potion. Madeline paid handsomely for it and after drinking it, her youth is rejuvenated. The lady told Madeline the condition for the use of the portion. The most important condition was, Madeline must take good care of her body.

Madeline goes home and her pride because of her new youth made her look down on Ernest and start insulting him. Ernest losses it and pushes her down the stairs killing her. But the surprise of the day was Madeline with a broken wrist and neck got up and wasn’t dead.

Well, the movie was fun to see once again. The focus was mainly on the three characters and even though Meryl seemed out of her place in the role, the movie was fun still.

Willis and Hawn were on point for the comedy to hit home, here is a movie I’m surprised has not had a reboot yet.

Soapdish (1991)

Soapdish (1991)


Sally Fields
Kevin Kline
Robert Downey Jr.
Cathy Moriarty

Directed by Michael Hoffman

Done almost entirely on a soap opera set, this movie is just off the hook funny. There is nothing negative that can be said about this movie other than, there was too much drama, great drama.
What’s not to like in this movie?
Comedy was everywhere and was everything that this movie was all about. Drama and dramatic scenes were being tossed up and down, plus some acting level that makes you just appreciate movies.

The movie was filled with some beautiful actors all delivering fantastic performance from Sally Fields, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey Jr. and Cathy Moriarty. They were supported by also a talented cast of Elisabeth Shue, Whoopi Goldberg and some brief scenes by Teri Hatcher and the late Carrie Fisher.

The movie plot takes place on a soap opera set of a soap called The Sun Also Sets. The star of the show is an actress named Celeste Talbert (Sally Fields). She has constantly been wining the Daytime Drama award for best actress in a soap and has gathered a following of fans and enemies. A duo of David (Robert Downey Jr.) and Montana (Cathy Moriarty) have ganged up against Celeste and have decided to take her down. Montana’s aim is to be the new face of the show, David’s aim is to get Montana into bed and is bending to her every will.

Their plan was going on smooth when a young lady broke into the set and was lucky to get a casting role. The young lady was Lori (Elisabeth Shue).
David and Montana wanted to create a scene where Celeste will kill a young homeless lady and cast Lori as the young homeless lady. Things didn’t go well when they found out that Lori was Celeste niece.
Lori was happy to do the role to be close to her aunt and surprise her, which she did. This made the duo go back and had to change the script. This time they decided to bring back someone from Celeste’s past. A male cast and former lover of Celeste.
Jeffrey Anderson (Kevin Kline) was brought back, knowing that Celeste had him kick off the show some like two decades ago.

His return made her unstable and she started to act out, but then went off the bend when Jeffery started to date Lori. Jefferey wanted to take advantage of Lori because she was related to Celeste in a way to get even with her. When Celeste starts to flip over them seeing each other, David and Montana decided to tighten the screw and wrote a scene where they both share a passionate kiss.

I have to stop here because it is here that everything in this movie started to get really interesting.
Not much of a hit when it was done, but to me this is one of those movies that just missed the needed recognition.

I advise you go see this movie because it was totally worth the time I spent seeing it.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)


Tyler Labine
Alan Tudyk

Directed by Eli Craig

On first sight the thought that cross my mind was, “darn another movie about young adults getting killed in the woods.” Well, it was another movie about young adults getting killed in the woods, but this time the teenagers were the bad guys.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a movie that turns things on its head very quickly. Here is a movie that works on, looks can be misleading phrase and builds a castle with it.
It starts with an idea of how everything is going to end and then it takes you on a wild ride to it. The whole tupsy turvy incline of the characters is something that will take you by surprise. It was like everyone thought the worse of everyone else and were willing to run with that idea instead of stopping to think of other possibilities.

Guaranty to leave you smiling when it ends, this movie is well scripted to be entertaining, thrilling and all round packed with fun on all sides. The acting is top notch and the characters seem to be a fit for each actor, kudos to the casting director.

The movie plot starts with a nosey reporter trying to get some juicy info on a crime scene where multiple murders had taken place. Then we are taken three days back to what led to the incident that made the reporters book a date in the morgue.
A group of young adults were going on a trip in the woods when on driving they came across two men all scruffy looking, with one staring at the ladies.

The realized they forgot to buy beer and decided to stop near by to pick up some at a store. Meanwhile the two men they saw, Tucker and Dale were also going on trip. They just bought an old abandoned house in the woods and decided to go fishing and have fun (innocent fun, just two friends chilling).

Tucker noticed that Dale has a thing for one of the girls in the group and told him to walk up to her and say hi. Dale’s inferiority complex made him look scary as he mumbled scaring of the girl and her friends.

Now in woods, the same girl decided to go swimming with her friends when she jumps and hits her head. Tucker and Dale save her from drowning, but when they were retrieving her passed out body from the water her friends saw something else. To them, the hillbillies looked liked they had killed their friend and were taking the body away. Tucker and Dale saw her friends scream and start to run. Making them confused on why they will leave their friend behind.

They took her to their vacation home and cared for her, while her friends start to plot ways to save her and kill the two hillbillies they believe have her against her will.

The movie was not a box office success, even though it was a critical success. It is just one of those movies that never gets the needed attention it needs.
Here is a movie that will slip under the radar of many movie watchers, but I do hope you get to see and enjoy this movie as much as I did.

BlacKkKlansman (2018)

BlacKkKlansman (2018)


John David Washington
Adam Driver

Directed by Spike Lee

The idea of this movie which was a Black man infiltrating the KKK didn’t seat well with me at first. So I dragged my feet before going to see this movie, but after seeing this movie I have to say it was enjoyable.

For me this stands out as Spike Lee’s best. The movie stars John David Washington and Adam Driver, and both gave a performance that deserves recognition. The film ends with footage from the 2017 march rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. We also got to see footage of the white supremacists former KKK leader David Duke giving a speech to the counter-protesters. Add to that the car attack which led to the loss of life. The film then ends with a memorial to Heather Heyer, the car attack victim.
The movie did not even try to play it easy giving us the hate and racism fresh and strong.

The movie plot is set in the 70s. When a local African-American Ron Stallworth (Washington) decided to join the Colorado police force. He wanted so much to be part of something big and asked to be transferred to the intelligence unit.
While there he saw in the paper an advertisement to join the Ku Klux Klan. He picks up the phone and calls them. He acts as racist as he could get on the phone, using the “N” word and every other racial comment to make his pre-interview go well. Problem is, when he as asked to come for the real one-on-one interview he now has to solve the main problem. How can a black man show up for a KKK interview?

He makes a deal with his commanding officer to allow his colleague Flip Zimmerman (Driver) to be the face of Ron Stallworth while he will be the voice. They actually pulled it off and the fun plus comedy in the movie are the events that happens while both of them are playing Ron Stallworth.

Their investigation drove them deep into the roots of the KKK and also they get to meet David Duke.

The movie does a fine job in the writing as it tries to keep you glued at all times, but I have to say the life of real Ron with the lady of his interest were the dull moments of the film.
In the end this movie is worth the watch a little bit too long with the over 120 minutes to watch, but you will be able to make it through.

It has been a critical and commercial success for Spike Lee and I hope his next movie will be just as good.

Blade II (2002)

Blade II (2002)


Wesley Snipes
Kris Kristofferson
Ron Perlman

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

With David S. Goyer penning down a part II to the critically successful first flight of Blade in 1998; and Guillermo Del Toro stepping in to direct all you can expect is a good movie day.
Del Toro work of being able to make everything warm and fuzzy at the start and then blow up into some dark tragedy in the end was at play. Del Toro did not disappoint in this as this sequel at first grew into a huge battle line drawn with what seemed like too many players. Then it just dived into clearing the field for the major players.

This was a good sequel to the first Blade, Blade if you recall is a Dhampir (half human, half vampire). The movie was a step up in the area of performances, action sequences and directing as Del Toro was a master. The sad part of this second movie is lack in character depth and some kind of forced union that didn’t get so well on screen.

The plot didn’t really kick off from where the last movie stopped, but instead two years after. We see Blade (Wesley Snipes) looking for his mentor Abraham Whistler. Blade has a new weapon smith named Scud who was not comfortable with Blade finding his mentor and bring him back to the fold. His mentor who was beaten, well let me not ruin this for you.

In the underworld something has upset the balance, a new virus known as the Reaper Virus is plaguing the vampire world. Infected vampires are being turned into Reapers. Reapers are a mutation of vampires, who are immune to vampire weaknesses with the exception of ultraviolet light. These creatures kill humans and vampires alike. If the vampire survive but is beaten they turn into Reapers.

The vampire world has failed in containing this problem and has decided to send for help. They sent their best who are trained to kill Blade to go meet him and call a truce. They must stop this rampage because when the Reapers are done killing all the vampires, the humans are next.

Their reluctant union led them to capture a Reaper and dissect it to see what makes it tick. It was there they discover why Reapers look so hideous and drained. Their body continues to feed on the Reapers themselves if they do not get food. This leaves the Reapers a window of half a day to feed or die. They also notice that the Reapers heart is protected by a bone in the front, except from the side where it is vulnerable. Also Reapers have a faster healing ability in comparison to vampires and they are stronger.

Blade must now find a way to end this new wave before it gets too far and on the way to stopping this he discovers where the Reaper virus actually came from.

Good follow up and nice movie, the next sequel after this I will not bother mentioning.

Blade (1998)

Blade (1998)


Wesley Snipes
Kris Kristofferson
Stephen Dorff

Directed by Stephen Norrington

Before we got blazed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe the first true marvel superhero movie that glazed the screen was 1998 Blade. D.C. had already by this time done Superman and Batman movies that will forever be in the classic genre.

Done 20 years ago, this movie was so much a masterpiece that it set the pace for every other Marvel movies to follow.
The movie was written by David S. Goyer and it starred Wesley Snipes in the titular role as Blade the vampire hunter.

Set as a dark superhero film, this movie has gained a cult following and it was a critical and commercial success as at the time of release.

This movie is about a Dhampir named Blade played by Wesley Snipes (Dhampir means half human, half vampire) Blade had all the strength of a vampire and also the weaknesses except one, he was a day walker. Blade could walk in the sun and not feel the burn the other vampires feel.
Blade was raised by Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), a vampire hunter who became Blade's weapon smith, trainer and mentor.

Whistler directed Blade’s life from the time he found him, when he decided to spare his life when he noticed that there was something different about him. The two will become a force to reckon with as they raid vampire camps and holes to destroy them. As they stand as the only wall keeping the vampire world at bay.

This movie has Blade’s main focus on a new threat rising in the vampire levels.
The vampires have some levels, those born as vampires and those bitten. The ones born believe they are superior to the other sect. In the other sect is a young vampire named, Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff). Frost wants to end the whole living in the shadows and bring about a war between the humans and vampires.
He went against the elders in the vampire world killing anyone who stands in his way. Frost strength comes from the backing he has of other younger vampires who also think like him.

This idea of bring forth the war, requires some upgrading on the side of Frost and that requires some sacrifices. Blade and his team, Whistler and a young doctor who came about to be included in this team when Blade saved her life.

The movie had an awesome battle in the end and it was such a fun movie to watch that it paved the way to two further sequels.

This is a cult classic, one movie you should see as often as you can.

The Grinch (2018)

The Grinch (2018)


Starring the voice of
Benedict Cumberbatch
Rashida Jones
Kenan Thompson

Directed by Scott Mosier and Yarrow Cheney

Playing it close to the source material is this 2018 adaptation of Dr. Seuss 1957 book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Produced by Illumination, the studio behind the Despicable Me franchise.

This is the third adaption of the book, and for me this adaptation is too bland. It never got into its own rhythm or any rhythm at all. Yes, The Grinch's heart was two sizes too small so was the fun this CGI animation delivered.

The2000 Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, was a masterpiece of Christmas fun. It had its own tale, created its own story and added enough fun to make the movie something you can watch every Christmas along with Home Alone.

The plot goes, after a horrible childhood to which we get only a glimpse of, we have up in the mountains of Whosville someone known as the Grinch. The Grinch (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) is mean, cruel and very much unlikable. What he hates most is the Holidays. He has a stern dislike for the Christmas season and if possible he will rather everyone not have Christmas than experience the singing and jolly.

In Whosville the town he lives, the people have decided to make this years Christmas celebration the best, three times better than that of last year. He found this out during his run for food in the town and decided to do all he can to make sure this never happens.

His plan to end this was to find a way to steal from the town and instead of happiness and cheer all round the town on Christmas day, there will be gloom.
His plan involved him dressing up as Santa Claus and instead of giving presents away, he planned on taking them all.

Everything he planned on doing would have been perfect and even his heart would have been ok with its present size, but she came around.
The she was Cindy Lou Who, a little girl who wanted very much to give back to her mother, by going to Santa and request a special gift for her mother.

Voice adaptation was on point, the animation was familiar to that we know from the previous Illumination animations. Pharrell Williams was on board as the narrator and the musical score could have been better. The animation will be a box office success, but for me as a viewer it was not as successful as I had hopped.