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Catch 44 (2011)

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Catch 44 (2011)


Bruce Willis
Malin Akerman
Forest Whitaker
Shea Whigham

Directed by Aaron Harvey

Distributed by Anchor Bay Films

While watching I kept asking, what is going on? The idea that a movie will leave you in the dark bringing out twists and trying to make you get the idea that you are not prepared for what is coming ahead, the only thing that I ended up feeling or getting out of the movie was anger and disdain for the actors and the makers.

The movie is directed and the screenplay is done by Aaron Harvey, with Forest Whitaker taking up the lead role. The movie seemed like a Bruce Willis movie as you will assume after seeing the posters where his face is splattered all over it, but it was Whittaker who had the lead with Bruce Wills screen time going as high as 30 minutes.

Whitaker played Ronny, a sadistic character who seems to be off his knockers. The other cast members in the movie just played their role and died.

The movie is supposed to be a twist story with the audience wondering how it will play out, but director allowed so many flash backs that he ended up losing you along the way. The plot is as simple as they come and not as complex as the director would have wanted. The idea of making the audience ache to find out what was going may have looked good on paper but on the silver screen it was just plain stupid. The movie production lasted 20 days and that alone warrants some thought.
20 days of production, that is a sign that not enough thought and work went into this movie, Mel (Bruce Willis), sent his 3 girls (they are not his daughter just his employees) to go handle a pick up involving drugs and money.

Unknown to the girls there was more to the task than it looks, Ronny was madly in love with Tes (Malin Akerman) and Billy (Shea Whigham) could not handle a simple job and in the very end everyone gets shot. As stringy put is this movie description so is the movie itself.

The movie ends abruptly with you the viewer left wondering why Willis and Whitaker took up the roles they played in this movie, as the movie didn’t make use of their individual talents. Whitaker is an Academy award winner (for his performance as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the 2006 film The Last King of Scotland), so it is funny when you see him in such a movie, it makes you wonder whether better roles are not seeking him out.


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