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Abraham Lincoln vs zombies (2012)

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Abraham Lincoln vs zombies


Bill Oberst Jr.
Jason Vail
Baby Norman
Don McGraw

Directed by Richard Schenkman

Distributed by The Asylum

The movie doesn’t hide the fact that it is a low budget movie, the actors are not known and the zombies sometimes looked like dolls waiting to have their heads chopped off and the cinematography is poor, the dialogue is funny but not in a humorous way and the movie script was shallower than you will expect.

The Asylum is known to make money from making low budget movies. This they do by tying the name of their movie to look a little like the main box office movie. They haven’t made a loss from any movie yet.
The movie being pouched here is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, well Asylum released theirs, Abraham Lincoln vs zombies hoping to make money off those who mistakenly think this is the box office release.

The plot features Abe, during the civil war, as the confederates were losing the war, they noticed that some walking dead flesh eating creatures is plaguing the land. Abe jumps to the rescue of the United States, he is seen slashing away as he leads a group of soldiers who go after every zombie in existence in that area with Abe knowing too much about them based on past experience.

The writers tied the movie around what lead to the popular Abraham Lincoln speech. So for that I give them credit. The man who played Abraham Lincoln in the Asylum rip-off did well if I may add and made Abe look like a true bad ass, the fun was you get to see him look dull then he starts to kill and the movie turns him to a wolf in sheep clothing. Hey, it even portrayed Abe as one who had a little fling with some prostitute way back when.

Well Abraham Lincoln vs the zombies lacked in reason and the good guys were all written down, a little too much to make Abe look good; the movie’s advert line should have been: “come see Abe jumping to the rescue like superman on heat.”

But it also showed Abe as being selfish, hey I will kill you if I don’t have feelings for you and you are infested by zombie blood.

But I have to say the movie lacks so much and it was obvious it was rushed to meet up with the timeline, as I have seen some Asylum movies and I have to say that one had too much talk.

Well not much of a good watch.


  1. first i thought it was the long awaited Abraham lincoln vampire hunter..
    i guess this was one of those Mockbuster movies