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Iron Sky (2012)

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Iron sky


Julia Dietze
Christopher Kirby
Götz Otto
Peta Sergeant
Stephanie Paul
Udo Kier

Directed by Timo Vuorensola

Distributed by Buena Vista International Finland

Sometimes dreams are glimpses of the future of what is to come. Some people get the best ideas from fantasies, some from dreams.

The idea of this movie was conceived by Jarmo Puskala in a dream. He told the director Timo Vuorensola about his dream in a sauna, and Vuorensola replied he would make it into a film, which he did.

Some of the funding of the movie was gotten from fans, and the movie made notable references to Star Wars, Jaws and others. The movie is shot in Frankfurt Germany and Iron sky is a Finnish German Austrian science fiction comedy about, The Nazis setting up a secret base on the moon in 1945 (World War II) where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018.

The moon scenes showed some very intense graphic deployment for a movie of this nature (B movie), and the space battle scenes also showed a well-choreographed CGI deployment. On the moon base we see a human race growing on technology that was in focus way back in 1945, the Nazis kidnapped an astronaut who was sent to the moon by the US, and he had with him a mobile phone and the mobile phone had enough processing power to drive the moon base dreams of world conquest.

Now the movie is a goof, and that can be seen from the beginning. The movie is a better goof movie than the scary movie type because come to think of it, what is an astronaut doing on the moon with a mobile phone?

Also it was strange to know that the NAZIS hadn’t seen a black man before and how come the atmosphere was conducive at some areas in the movie (when the characters were on the moon) and not so in some other areas, well as I said the movie is a goof, so such is allowed.

Acting and directing: to me the directing was well done as the director had to work with the vivid imagery images given to him from a dreamer, but the acting needed a little work though. In general the acting was lame and the lines were so bad, that I felt I could write better (seriously) but that being said the screenplay and the events that unfold will keep you.

I can’t out rightly recommend this movie to anyone but I did enjoy it, enough said.


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