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The Dictator (2012)

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The Dictator


Sacha Baron Cohen
Anna Faris
Ben Kingsley

Directed by Larry Charles

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

The Dictator is all too familiar with the other Cohen movies, it is the same old thing all over again, crude comedy, racial jokes, stereotyping and all that; if you have seen Borat you have seen 90% of the movie already. There are some parts in The Dictator that made me laugh though but, the scenes that were involved were too freaky and controversial, that I’m too ashamed to type it all out, so it is better you watch for yourself.

Baron Cohen based his performance primarily on the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The movie is a mockmentary of a North African Dictator and the lines are fun to hear if you don’t mind racial comments, also the speech of the Dictator Admiral General Hafez Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) at the end of the movie was, if I have to say so myself memorable.

The movie was shot in Seville and on the island of Fuerteventura, Spain, and Baron Cohen said the United Nations refused to let him shoot scenes inside the UN Headquarters, which is not a bad thing because the movie itself is a disgrace to the work being done there, and it makes mockery of the tasks which they have been able to achieve.

The Dictator is about Admiral General Hafez Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) who comes from a different culture and a different background, he is a president/head of state of a North African country. Aladeen travels to America and finds himself in an environment that is not favorable to his existence. As he is unknown and he then realize that women are not dying to do him favors and life outside the palace is cruel and tough.

The movie has a love story intertwined within its plot and a nice ending to it too.

Now as for acting and directing and everything you want to look for in a good movie, just forget it nothing to write about at all, all I can say is, if you don’t mind crude humor, racial jokes and abuse of power then you will like me just laugh through the movie, because as for me nothing spectacular is in the movie the production is weak and the slap comedy style of acting is not unique.

But if you are not a fan of the above mentioned and you like a movie with a strong plot, then I advise you don’t bother seeing this movie, other than that enjoy.


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