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Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)

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Ice Age: Continental Drift


Ray Romano as Manny
John Leguizamo as Sid
Denis Leary as Diego
Queen Latifah as Ellie

Directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Ice Age: Continental Drift is funny, but you will fill the drag, like the makers are running out of ideas, but choose to recycle some elements like romance and repackage a new movie for all to see. To me the franchise is a Blue Sky gold mine one they plan to keep mining till it is all run out. But that aside the movie is fun to watch and you are curious to see what this weird herd is up to, as each installment brings laugh and excitement.

Ice Age: Continental Drift is the fourth installment of the Ice Age series and the seventh CG production of Blue Sky Studios and the first sequel not to be directed by Carlos Saldanha who will be directing RIO part 2.

What I love must about this flick is the introduction of a partner for Diego; a white tiger lady is added ladies and gentlemen.
The movie also has the whole fun of the old clichés, which I seem not to be tired of seeing. It also showcases cool CG effect; I loved the water effect most.

The plot was educational as long as you know it is bogus due to Scrat's (Squirrel) hunt for acorns he triggers the break-up of the world continent into the continents as we know them today, which cause Manny to lose his family.

Manny, Diego, and Sid embark upon another adventure to find his family, after their continent is set adrift. Using an iceberg as a ship, they encounter sea creatures and battle pirates as they explore a new world, and learn why it is good to be part of a family herd, than being part of a group where one person leads and other follow.

Well, the new directors weren’t that bad, as the movie did have some fun screenplays and events that you will be thrilled to see. As we watch this creatures move from the Ice Age to the present age the pictures tell stories that are kinda informative and entertaining.

Hey! I must have missed that geography class when they taught that Scrat the squirrel created the whole world.

Although this is not the best addition to the Ice Age series it was fun to watch. And the movie kinda opens doors to new additional sequels.

But I hope Blue Sky won’t bother making any more and just keep giving us shorts, of Scrat and his acorn hunt.


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