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Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)

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Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)


Jim Carrey
Téa Leoni
Alec Baldwin
Richard Jenkins
Gloria Garayua

Directed by Dean Parisot

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

Although i had some laughs and i did, this movie is not meant to be made at all as it lacks all the needed things to make it something you like to see again or want to ask someone to go see.

The movie is based on Fun with Dick and Jane by Gerald Gaiser.

About Dick who had a high-paying job; he and his wife Jane (Tea Leoni) live in an expensive house in the suburbs, with their son Billy and housekeeper, Blanca (Gloria Garayua).

Their life crashes head-on into reality when the firm Dick works for turns out to have been losing money but have been lying to everyone to make matters worse they made Dick the fall guy for some of their dirty dealings.

Now broke and with no money and losing everything Dick and Jane start getting involved in anything they can even using guns to make money.

The problem with this movie is the script and then the screenplay, some events in the movie are too ridiculous to be even considered that there were added at all. If you now add that to the acting skills of Jim Carrey, Téa Leoni and Alec Baldwin you have great actors doing a good job acting some really stupid scenes.

While filming the coffee shop robbery scene, Leoni seriously injured her shoulder while sliding on the counter. During the scene where Carrey jumps into the ceiling and hangs above the bank desk, when he was stepping down, he accidentally fell and smacked his face on the floor. This painful blooper made it into the film.

Fun with Dick and Jane came out after Series of Unfortunate Events, now series was a wonderful movie while this just fell through the cracks.

Dean Parisot directed this movie and he will also be directing RED 2.

Now this movie actually was a financial success, and i did laugh enough times to enjoy it, but as i said i can’t recommend it.


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