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When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

When Harry met Sally… (1989)


Billy Crystal
Meg Ryan
Carrie Fisher
Bruno Kirby

Directed by Rob Reiner

There is this nostalgic feeling you get when you are done watching this classic. I felt like I have forgotten how it feels to watch a romantic movie and actually be happy for those involve when they get together.
Everyone needs a regular dose of “When Harry met Sally…”, once in a while, to make you smile with apparently no reason at all.

Reiner said that he had always wanted to do a film about two people who become friends and do not have sex because they know it will ruin their relationship, but have sex anyway. The movie itself is based on the very idea: can men and women be just platonic friends? Well to me from my experience the answer is NO! As long as there is constant communication, the man will want to sleep with her.

The movie is known for its Deli scene where Sally claims that men cannot tell the difference between when a woman is having an orgasm or when she is faking it, and to prove her point, she vividly (but fully clothed) fakes one as other diners watch. Then the movie dropped its popular line, when a woman from the diner who had been watching Sally demonstrate the fake orgasm placed an order saying, "I'll have what she's having."

The movie tells the story of two people Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) who met in 1977 in a car ride where they both discussed if it was possible for men and women to have a platonic friendship. Harry disagrees, while Sally believed it was possible. They parted ways, only to meet 5 years after in an airport. Harry asked Sally if they could be friends, but Sally refused and then parted again to meet 5 years after that in a coffee shop.

Then they became close friends, helping each other out through the struggles and being there for each other.
It all went well till the time came for them to answer the question, “can a man and a woman be platonic friends without sex being involved?”

The thing about the movie that keeps you going is the funny lines Billy Crystal delivers at every scene, add this to his acting and the persona of his character, you have a guy that is fun to be with and fun to watch. Meg Ryan on the other hand plays a more subtle character who is more of amazement in the way she sees thing, that in fact there is never a dull moment with both characters.

Rob Reiner directing in this Romantic Comedy is top-notch, he went on to make Sleepless In Seattle (1993) which was also one of the best romantic movies ever made, and it also stars Meg Ryan, but nothing can stand up to “When Harry met Sally…”

This is my pick of the best romantic movie I have seen till date.


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