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Father of the Bride Part II (1995)

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Father of the Bride Part II (1995)


Steve Martin
Diane Keaton
Kimberly Williams
George Newbern

Directed by Charles Shyer

A little like the first but far from the grand design that the first brought, Father of the Bride Part II is a loose remake of the 1951 movie, Father’s Little Dividend. Father’s Little Dividend is a sequel of the 1950 classic Father of the Bride. This movie is full of the old cast from the 4 year ago movie that brought us all smiles Father of the Bride, which stared Steve Martin and Diane Keaton.

This sequel has all the old cast, Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, Martin Short, George Newbern and Kieran Culkin. Eugene Levy who played a minor role (just featuring in one scene) in the first movie as a wedding singer who was auditioning to be in the wedding, was given more screen time this time, as he plays Mr. Habib.

Although fun and the plot smile able at, while watching this remake I didn’t feel like I did in the first, were I was wishing that I was the family, the whole chaos of two child birth was more overwhelming to me the viewer not to mention George. Disney’s decision to further make a part two was based on the financial return that the first part brought. Although this part two didn’t make as much money as the first, but it is a good addition if you desire to see what happened to the Banks family and how Annie carried on.

The movie plot starts like the first with George Banks (Steve Martin) giving us a narration about what led to what. After Annie (Kimberly Williams) and Bryan (George Newbern) got married, the next best thing that all couples desire is a nest and the desire to fill the nest with pitter patter of little feet.

Well God finally answered their prayers, as Annie was pregnant with she and Bryan’s first child and George has been swung into the pool of grandfathers.

George, an enemy of change starts to panic and started acting all young to prove to himself and others that he was not old enough to be a grandpa, well he also got his wishes as Nina (Diane Keaton) too got pregnant. So The Mother of the Bride and the Bride are both expecting a bundle of joy each, taking George’s over reacting behavior off the roof.

Martin Short and his companion were brought back but their inclusion was not as heartwarming as their presence was in the first.

Well after you have seen the first, you will be tempted to see the second and you should, but don’t expect too much of the smiles the first delivered, but it is a nice watch a good fun time for you and the family.


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