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Pitch Perfect (2012)

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Pitch Perfect (2012)


Anna Kendrick
Brittany Snow
Skylar Astin
Anna Camp

Directed by Jason Moore

I really don’t like chick flicks, they are all too predictable and at the very end they don’t surprise you. Pitch Perfect is not that different from any other chick flick I know, but it was fun watching, the build up to the grand ending is the same as others, but the comedy is more matured and that made it easy to receive, other than the weak dialogues and lame script writing that are common in other chick flicks. I recommend that a guy should watch this with a girl.

The thing that first turned me off in this movie was when I saw them singing, (I really don’t like chick flicks and I hate music competition films) I just sat at the cinema hall thinking yikes!!! Then things started to turn and then I actually found myself laughing, the comedy that Pitch Perfect brings is very entertaining. It makes you over look the strings and loose ends in the movie.

The funny thing about this movie again is that it is actually a non-fictional story, based on a novel of the same name by Mickey Rapkin. The movie stars Anna Kendrick (50/50 (2011)) as the lead in this college flick and it was produced by Elizabeth Banks (Man on a Ledge (2012)) who also can seen in this movie as she plays one of the commentators alongside John Michael Higgins (We Bought A Zoo (2011)).

The movie is about two a cappella groups from a university but kind of like focuses on one of them, The Bellas and all female a cappella group, who recruited new girls into their group after their previous year disappointment, which led to them losing all but their two lead members.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) joins The Bellas, and starts to shake things around a little, causing one of the lead members Aubrey (who is controlling) wanting to get Beca off the team as soon as possible, so she can regain full control of her group.

The movie is directed by first timer movie director Jason Moore who is a regular stage and TV director, who in my view needs to work on his movie direction too, because the movie directorial was kind of weak, there were incidents where things happen for no reason what so ever. The lead girl Beca (Anna Kendrick) who happens to be a DJ, but all throughout the movie her DJ skills are not in any other way influential in the movie plot as a whole. Then the cheap Apple Macbook advert, comon we the viewers are not that dumb.

Pitch Perfect made a good bunch from the box office making more than 84 million dollars compared to its 17 million production cost and it is highly rated having a 80% approval ratings from critics in the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. Pitch Perfect is a perfect chick flick, but guys can have fun watching this too.


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