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Taken (2008)

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Taken (2008)


Liam Neeson
Maggie Grace
Leland Orser

Directed by Luc Beeson

Taken is a cult classic with a huge following, and all this is due to its portrayal of a former CIA who was ready to do anything to get back his kidnapped daughter. The movie’s intense following is due to its violent nature portrayed by Liam Neeson, as he was a James Bond, Jason Borne and Rambo all rolled up into one chasing down a group of Armenians and making them pay dearly for even thinking about taking his daughter.

The film was so well received by audience that it raked in a high 200 million dollars from its 25 million dollars production cost, Luc Besson was the man behind the direction and the writing of this cult classic and he was called back to come make the sequel Taken 2, which was released in 2012.

The movie is about Ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), whose daughter gets kidnapped when she travels to Paris to follow U2 during their European tour. With only a picture of his daughter at the airport, the voice of the man who took her, Bryan is racing against time to save his daughter before she is shipped out of the country and not seen again.

Liam Neeson’s performance in this movie is what is captivating; his character’s ability to keep calm and think his way through any situation is what makes Bryan Mills the wrong guy to mess with (elements of Jason Borne), he used every known way alive to track down these guys, even shooting a friend’s wife just to get the man to talk. He placed himself in danger numerous times but was able to find a way out at all times making him Bond and Rambo.

At the end of this movie, you will be queuing up for seconds. My favourite action scene is when Bryan corned Peter (the man who leads the kidnappers to his daughter) in a taxi in Paris and starts to punch his ribs in, giving him details of how his ribs and lungs may not survive another punch if Peter doesn’t give him all the information he wants to know. Here is a DVD that i couldn’t help but owning.

Mind you Taken 2 was just same same, with him and wife taken now and he just having to be Bryan and he breaks free tracks down the guys again and messes them up. Taken 2 is just a speck in the dark compared to this grand master.


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