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The Mask (1994)

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The Mask (1994)


Jim Carrey
Peter Reigert
Peter Greene
Cameron Diaz

Directed by Chuck Russell

You just have to appreciate the technicality and the visual effects that went into the production of this massive hit. The Mask introduced a character that we all started to love and cherish, a hero that can do absolutely anything his mind thinks of. This slap stick comedy showed how Jim Carrey became a good lead actor; he carried the show right from the start to the final battle, doing everything we see in the Warner bros cartoons.

After this massive hit, an animated series was also done, introducing more villains and more takes into the life of Stanley Ipkiss.

This movie “The Mask” is based on a series of comic books of the same name; the comic is the product of Dark Horse Comics and The Mask was introduced in the 80's based on a concept by the publisher Mike Richardson and created by writer John Arcudi and artist Doug Mahnke.
Like in this movie the comic series follows a magical mask and its owner Stanley Ipkiss. When the mask is worn the wearer can bend reality, do the impossible physically and survive the unbelievable. All this is based on the wearer’s depth of imagination which The Mask will then surpass.

The plot is about a Mr. nice guy, Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) whom the world seems to step on. Things took a turn around for Ipkiss when he came across a magical mask, which gave him powers to do the impossible. But The Mask was uncontrollable and Ipkiss stepped on toes which were ready to do anything to kill the man behind the mask.

The movie is filled with thrilling visual effects, and a wonderful cast. Jim Carrey was just exceptional. The Mask was also Cameron Diaz’s first acting role, which later pushed her up the ladder as she now features in major movies yearly.

The Mask was a huge box office hit making over 350 million from its 23 million production cost, it was also a critical acclaim, leaving behind it a trail of catchphrases in its time like “smoking” or “somebody stop me”. Its high box office status made the makers approach Jim Carrey for a sequel, which he turned down (as Carrey believes making sequels are not challenging). The ideas for the sequel were then used in the animated series, which spawned two seasons. Later after 11 years, a sequel was made but it was unrelated to the first or the animated series, it was titled Son of The Mask which received high negative reviews and was a box office bomb, as the visual effects and the plot were lame and out of place, putting in consideration that it was made with over 84 million.

Our hero The Mask is best portrayed here in this beautiful movie and it is a keeper. 


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