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WALL-E (2008)

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WALL-E (2008)


Directed by Andrew Stanton

WALL-E is just a sweet movie, which deals on the loneliness and determination of a singular robot that developed sentience while watching videos of human interaction and listening to music. WALL-E was the only one of his kind left on Earth and he kept at his job even though others like him have been unable to keep up and have become rust and parts for WALL-E to use to carry his singular assignment as a cleaner of the earth, along with him is a friend, a cockroach which WALL-E adores.

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class) developed a romantic endeavor with another robot named EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), a romance that Andrew Stanton (a Christian) the writer/director came up with, as he viewed WALL-E’s loneliness like that of Adam in the Bible and how God gave him Eve as a companion, so the name of WALL-E’s companion was named EVE in reference to the Eve in the Bible.

With Stanton wanting WALL-E as a box with no mouth or nose and EVE as an egg with no mouth or nose the animators watched a series of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin movies for almost a year to be able to learn how to create emotions silently.

WALL-E’s plot is about a singular robot that in 2805 was still cleaning the earth after the humans were evacuated in 2105 to starliners.

As the Earth was becoming a waste land humans had to be taken out of it so that it can be cleaned so when all human were gone, left behind were trash compactor Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class (WALL-E) robots, to clean the Earth but as the years passed all other robots broke down leaving except one, so this singular WALL-E robot carried on with the earth cleaning task.

One day a beautiful robot named EVE came to Earth, and WALL-E fell for her; although she was a hard nut to crack, WALL-E triumphed but when her task was trying to set them apart, WALL-E followed her to a starliner where humans were, there we come across other plots and subplots concerning the humans if there are to go back to earth or not.

WALL-E deals with a lot of major issues that we are either facing or going to face in the nearest future, the problem of waste management, laziness, obesity, consumerism and environmental problems that the world will be facing if we don’t sit up.

WALL-E won numerous accolades, including an Oscar for Best Animated feature, it was also ranked number movie in the 2010 Times magazine movie of the decade. It currently holds a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 8.5/10. It was also a commercial success.

WALL-E is one of those movies, which just stick with you, the nostalgia feeling it delivers, the innocence of love, and the determination of a singular robot…, WALL-E is a movie that will always stand as one of the best Disney/Pixar has to offer.


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