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Superman Unbound (2013)

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Superman Unbound (2013)


Starring the voice of
Matt Bomer
John Nobel
Stana Katic

Directed by James Tucker

Superman Unbound was no better than any other 20 minute long toon that we are used too, why DC decided to go ahead with this movie beats me, and why some people cheer and say it is good also goes over my head.
The first thing is the story, now Brainiac is a computer program that devourers worlds of their knowledge and technology, he then stores some part of the world as specimens and destroys the planet itself.
Of all the story arcs to develop into a movie, DC picked this one.

There is no biff, but this is not one of my favorite of the Superman stories, this animation is based on the "Brainiac" five-issue comic book story arc written by Geoff Johns, which saw the death of Jonathan Kent and Clark taking on an old nemesis Braniac with the help of Supergirl.
Now, this movie didn’t have the death of Jonathan Kent but it was like taking a dull story and blowing it up on the TV screen.

The animation was not half bad, the lines were just ok, but while watching I don’t see any reason why DC decided to aim for a matured audience this movie will have passed for a less matured audience but with Lois giving Braniac the finger, it was totally uncalled for.

There is nothing in this animation that thrilled me as the story is near similar to that of the comic, which will be a plus to some people but not to me.
The story features our hero Superman and his cousin Supergirl, Supergirl is acting up dealing with the whole crisis of losing Krypton as she just woke up it seemed like something that happened last year.

A probe was sent to earth to scan its life forms, the probe ran into Superman and he put it out of service, he took it to his North Pole layer and there Supergirl saw the probe and immediately remembered seeing such in Krypton before Kandor (Krypton’s capital) vanished.

Superman decided to go scan outside the earth to and there he located Braniac’s ship.

From there on, it was a battle of survival, who will win the machine Braniac who has the information of thousands of worlds or a single Krptonian, whose love for earth supersedes that of any other creature.

My final take is, DC better sit up, Batman is all they have going for them in the live action world and in the animation world.
I just hope the much hyped Superman film (Man of Steel) will live up to expectations.


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