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Monsters University (2013)

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Monsters University (2013)


Starring the voice of
Billy Crystal
John Goodman
Steve Buscemi

Directed by Dan Scanlon

This has been a much awaited sequel to the classic animation Monsters Inc. (2001), as a matter of fact I longed waited to see Pixar do something after that mess of a movie Cars 2 (2011).

I have to tell you after getting over the nearly irritating scene of the guys all swelling up, this movie was filled with enough razzmatazz to keep you glued to the very end, but the originality of the firstwhich includes the emotional tension buildup of how Sulley and Mike were going to deal with the whole child in the monster world issue is not there. Monsters University has no tense emotional scene. Furthermore, the way the director managed the cross between the between the human world and the monster world was best done in the first, here it seemed the characters were too comfortable crossing to the other side.

With all that said, there was also a continuity issue, in Monsters Inc.Mike told Sulley, that Sulley has been jealous of his looks since the fourth grade, but Monsters University has both characters meeting for the first time, I guess the makers didn’t feel like following that trend of childhood friendship. 

Here is the first twist in the movie, Mike and Sulley were actually rivals, they met in the university with both aiming to graduate as top scarers, but Sulley had the whole presence and roaring going for him and Mike only had books, so it was down to brains vs brawns; but that battle didn’t last as both got themselves in some trouble that almost had them kicked out of the university, but instead they got kicked out of the scare course. Mike then boldly suggested to Dean Hardscrabble (who wanted both Mike and Sulley out of the university) that is they enter the scare contest (the scare contest is a game were fraternities in the university play against themselves, to see which fraternity is the top scarer) and win, she would allow them back into the scare class, but if they lose she will get her wish of kicking them both out of the university.

From here I know many of you will think you have the ending pegged, but you have no idea how it will go, trust me.

The movie’s final twist, was what crowned it for me, it ended with picture clips showing us how Mike and Sulley rose up the ranks in Monsters University and became the top scarers as we know them in Monsters Inc.
Monsters University is a nice comeback for Pixar and Disney after Cars 2, but it is not as special as the firstor as classy as Toy Story 3 (2010), but it is worth the watch.


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