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The Heat (2013)

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The Heat (2013)


Sandra Bullock
Melissa McCarthy

Directed by Paul Feig

The heat is an all-female lead action comedy, which is as predictable as they come. The acting from Melissa McCarthy although proved to be one to be impressed about, not saying that Sandra Bullock didn’t hold her own in this piece, but McCarthy to me was on a roll.

Her last comedy tryout Identity Thief (although she had a role in Hangover III which came out some months later) was too me dull and not at all funny, but this is much different, it is funny seeing a woman being a pain and making life miserable for her police captain, a role that is mostly arranged for men, the movie is like Lethal Weapon but instead we have women. The lapse in the movie is mostly the story, there is no surprises, other than that, the heat duo were just a formidable force, they may not have presented the funniest movie available this year, but their duo made me sit and watch how they will burst the case.

The movie is about two ladies, a FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and the other a Detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). Both are difficult in their own way making it hard for them to have partners, Sarah brags too much about her knowledge and her achievement making her difficult to be with while Shannon is foul-mouthed and violent, causing all her department including her captain to stay away from her.

The FBI sends Sarah to go take down a drug lord, which Shannon has been chasing after for a while, this cause the two to meet and their pairing was one filled with violence and rule breaking, but the two ladies eventually warm up to each other, and focused on the case rather on their differences.

In the end of this movie, you don’t feel like you have seen the best thing that there is to see this year, but the movie is far better than anything Hangovercould come up with after the first. But the movie is worth the time and the effort that the producers put into it, and I’m kind of glad the movie is making enough money for the studio.
So if you happened to be in the cinema hall and you are looking for a movie to watch to kill time, The Heat is one for you, just don’t go watch it with your kids.


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