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The Lone Ranger (2013)

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The Lone Ranger (2013)


Johnny Depp
Armie Hammer
William Fichtner
Tom Wilkinson

Directed by Gore Verbinski

Growing up I heard about the whole Lone Ranger thingy and his faithful side kick Tonto and let’s not forget his horse Silver. But not once did I ever imagine myself watching a film about it. Disney decided, “what the heck, let’s turn this one time radio show to a movie” and somehow they are disappointed that it is not making any money?
When you decide to make a movie of a franchise that was once a radio show, the first thing you have to look at is your audience, Disney failed to ask the most important question of all, are the people who love Lone Ranger and Tonto still alive?

In addition this Lone Ranger movie is 1 hour too long, the Lone Ranger himself reminded me of the character Rodney (who is popular for being well informed but daft) in Only Fools and Horses as he was a naïve misfit who was nothing without Tonto.

Another thing to think about is, “why is Hollywood thinking that the longer the better?”
Almost every movie that is released today is over 2 hours long, the problem with these lengthy movies is that if it is not well filled it will make the whole movie look pointless and blank.

The plot goes: Ambushed by the outlaw and left for dead, John Reid is rescued by the renegade Comanche, Tonto, at the insistence of a mysterious white horse and offers to help him to bring Cavendish to justice. Becoming a reluctant masked rider with a seemingly incomprehensible partner, Reid pursues the criminal against all obstacles. (plot culled from IMDB)

Deciding to use Jonny Depp in a movie doesn’t mean the movie is going to sell, it just means you just wasted a hell lot of money trying to force upon us in the 21st century a show that our grandparents liked.
The makers paid a hell lot of money to have Johnny Depp in this movie, because in the Lone Ranger story Lone Ranger is the lead actor and Tonto his side kick, in this movie it was like the other way round, with Tonto being more in control and the Lone Ranger is just a plonker.

Hollywood has reached a point that new ideas and risks may fail, that is why we are seeing remakes/reboots and a lot of action hero movies being done over and over again. There is a new Wolverine movie coming out, and as I am right now, I’m sick and tired of the X-Men and anything from it. But what do you expect the studios to do, John Carter was new and it flopped and now Lone Ranger, at this rate the only movies Disney or anyone will want to do will be remakes (that is why Disney is working on remaking Jungle Book and Cinderella).

My final take is, after an hour of watching, I felt sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen this movie and is thinking of going to see it.


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