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White House Down (2013)

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White House Down (2013)


Jamie Foxx
Channing Tatum
James Wood

Directed by Roland Emmerich

The movie’s twist ending is one you will not expect I tell you, although I believe that the ending could have been done better if the writers actually put more effort into it, because it draws you in and just leaves you there with its final moments laughable, when it was meant to be memorable.

White House Down to me will not make it as a good film, due to the fact that Olympus Has Fallen has the same feel, and Olympus Has Fallen was quite good if I can say so myself, but White House Down on the other hand, starts lame, with many comic feels, that just didn’t add up.
The movie had scenes that were meant to be comic but just ended up looking ridiculous, imagine the president is being pulled on the leg by a man who is almost dead and he delivers a line like:
“Get your hands off my air Jordan”
And many more of such meant to be funny lines were being thrown around for the first half of the movie, then when you are nearing the end, the movie picks up with many emotional and brave scenes, trying to draw you in to make you love it and moved to tears, but the problem is that it was delivered a little too late, because after disliking a movie for over an hour of just seeing it, then in the last 30 minutes you do a like miraculous comeback and then just end it with a crash into a mountain, there is no way I can watch this film and recommend another to do the same.

The movie plot has to do with the White House being taken over by some terrorist whose end game no one was sure of. The president (Jamie Foxx) was captured, and in some weird occurrence a rejected secret service applicant (Channing Tatum) was in the White House when it all happened, and his daughter got captured by the terrorist. So, he saved the president and tried all he could to get the president out of the White House safe, and go back for his daughter.

I felt the director (Roland Emmerich who also directed Independence Day in 1996, but I don’t know if he will be onboard for the sequel) was trying too hard to deliver a blow in the final part of the movie after developing a story depth, but the story leading to the blow was just dull and misplaced.

The acting in the movie was just top notch, many critics are praising Foxx and Tatum for their delivery and chemistry, which is very much true, but to me the person that made me keep on watching was James Woods, his delivery of a pained father was just too much.

In conclusion, White House Down is a movie I feel the studio should have done all they could to make the movie come out before Olympus Has Fallen, because then for sure, we will be calling Olympus Has Fallen a misfit.


  1. Its comes in average category. The beginning is somewhat slow. Story was good. There were lots of loop-holes in screening. Might be more better. Not like other Hollywood hitz.