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Escape Plan (2013)

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Escape Plan (2013)


Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Directed by Mikael Håfström

Escape Plan is like Prison Break without the tattoos, making Sylvester Stallone a buffed version of Michael Scofield.

In the early stages of the movie I felt like it was going to be totally boring, but soon things got rough and I found myself glued.
I was curious to see the introduction of both characters, but it was not as grand as I had hoped. I was also looking forward to seeing both of them take each other on, but that didn’t happen, as only staged fights to get attention was what I got.

Eventually, Escape Plan was surprisingly good (average that is). After like 30 minutes in, you get this feeling that you can predict the way the movie is going to go, but you will be surprised as I was that things don’t just go according to the way you thought. As the only thing that was predictable in the movie was that both Stallone and Arnold were going to escape from prison, how they finally did it was not so predictable.

The movie did have a nice feel to it though, there was not too much of scenery to go by as most of the shots were done in a prison setting. The actors were well groomed for their roles, the only person that didn’t impress was Jim Caviezel; the Person of Interest star seemed to be way over his head in the role given to him that he looked too fake to fit the part of a Prison Warden

The movie is about Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) who is like a Houdini of prisons he made his living by breaking out of high security prisons, trying to show their weak points.

He got a job that required him to break out from a prison where America stores prisoners which they don’t want to be found. It was a straightforward task, get in and get out, but he got betrayed by one of his team members and he got in as planned but to get out then seemed impossible.
In prison he made friends with another inmate (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and confiding in him who he was and his present predicament about being trapped, they decide to work together to get out.

The first time in this century that we saw both Arnold and Stallone together was in Expendables (2010). They were also together in Expendables 2 (2012). After that, the next time we get to see these guys were in their standalone movie, Bullet to the Head (2013) (Stallone) and The Last Stand (2013) (Arnold). While Arnold’s The Last Stand (2013) was watchable and fun to see, Stallone’s Bullet to the Head (2013) was totally crap.

Escape Plan is not a masterpiece, but none the less it is a movie that I’m sure you’d enjoy.


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