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Fist of Fury (1972)

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Fist of Fury (1972)


Bruce Lee

Directed by Lo Wei

Do you desire some girl like screaming, from a guy that makes the nunchucks look like he is playing with a yo-yo?
Don’t worry your head on an air tight screenplay because loopholes stink almost each scene, but who cares about the stink, who cares about the weird cinematography, the sloppy effects and the not so wonderful acting, it is Bruce Lee mehn, just the fact that he is in this movie makes all the flaws seem perfectly suited for it.

The king of nunchucks messed up all the bad guys and died for the course; that is what Fist of Fury is all about, Bruce Lee messing up the Japanese.

Fist of Fury is one classic Kung Fu movie that I really enjoyed seeing again, although it doesn’t have the corrected flaws that existed in the remake that Jet Li made.

Fist of Fury is about a student that didn’t take his master’s death well, to make matters worse, a Japanese school of martial arts was trying to close down their school, and then stepped on Chen’s (Bruce Lee) toes.
Chen decided to take matters into his own hands and took on the school beating up all the students and the master.

This in turn sparked a war between the two schools, with the Japanese having the upper hand as the law was on their side. Chen went on a sort of killing spree, as he discovered that there was more to the death of his master than he was told.

The acting and martial art moves that Bruce showed in this movie are not what we will see today, but they are worth seeing.
Then there is the cinematic effect that involved zooming in to just show the eyes of the actor, trying to drive the point home of the intensity in the scene, are all effects that have faded away with time (not that I missed it though).

This movie makes you want desire to see more Kung Fu movies.
So my dear reader, are you in the mood for some old time Kung Fu?
Do you like Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but a little curious to see the best of the best at it?

Then look no further than Bruce Lee old movies, the packaging and screams are just what you need. And, after seeing this movie I suggest that you see Enter the Dragon and Five Deadly Venoms (1978).


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