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The Counselor (2013)

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The Counselor (2013)


Michael Fassbender
Penélope Cruz
Cameron Diaz
Javier Bardem
Brad Pitt

Directed by Ridley Scott

The Counselor promises a whole lot when you start watching, this thriller of an ensemble cast, desires to deliver a movie that will both thrill you and leave you filled with suspense.
On the other hand, what it does is make you feel like the whole 100 minute plus you have spent watching this film was a total waste and you so wish you can take it all back.

The Counselor is based on an original screenplay by novelist Cormac McCarthy, it is Ridley Scott next directorial after the successful Prometheus (2012), and it was dedicated to Tony Scott (Ridley's younger brother who committed suicide).
Prometheuswas thrilling and filled with suspense, something I bet Ridley Scott was trying to get done for here, but in the end, the only suspense you are left with is, “What convinced you to watch this movie in the first place?”

The Counselor is about a lawyer (played by Michael Fassbender, who all through the movie is referred to as the counselor) who decided to up his stakes in the money making business and go into drug trafficking.

He meets with Westray (Brad Pitt) a business associates to begin the drug business. Westray on the other hand warns him of the danger that is involved in going into the drug business, but the counselor ignores his warnings, and keeps his focus on the 4000 % interest that he will get.

His plans were going on smoothly until Malkina (Cameron Diaz) his friends girlfriend, decide to get in on the deal (not to the counselor's knowing), she intercedes in the cocaine route to delivery and steals it all for herself.

The other drug cartel involved thinks that the counselor had double-crossed them and he (the counselor) is now faced with a whole lot of problem in his hands.

How it all played out is one thing Ridley Scott wants you to watch and find out.

The movie did have some controversial scenes, especially the one where Cameron Diaz has sex with a car (not a typo, she had sex with a Ferrari, not in a Ferrari).

The acting by the cast was well done, the problem being the movie was not suited for them at all.

In conclusion, I advise you go online and find a spoiler of this movie and read it instead along with trailers because there is no point seeing this movie at all.


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