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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)


Will Ferrell
Steve Carell
Paul Rudd
David Koechner
Christina Applegate

Directed by Adam Mckay

Anchor Man 2, to be honest I was very skeptical about this movie because after seeing the first part, I felt how much lower in the area of stupidity can the movie go that in the end it will not end up being just a waste of my time. Well the writers went one step lower and the movie didn’t stink, which is just amazing.

Anchor Man 2 rode on the idea of what made CNN, CNN. The movie is based on the launch of the first 24 hours news station. The downside though (which I may be wrong in some couple of years) is that the movie is not half as quotable or as memorable as its predecessor, but it is just as funny which is what I wanted. The onslaught of jokes is another thing; it just kept coming at you, when you think it is safe to look away, there comes another, right splat in your face.

My overall actor of the movie was Steve Carell who played Brick Tamland, I just couldn’t get enough of him, his acting and voice was just enough to keep me laughing.

Having left San Diego for New York City, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) is living the high life with his wife Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) and son Walter Burgundy. However, when the boss decides to promote Veronica to full time lead anchor and fire Ron, everything changes. Now heading back to San Diego, Ron is washed up and working part time at Sea World. His shot at redemption though comes in the form of a man named Freddie Schapp, who's an executive producer at the Global News Network, the world's first 24 hour round the clock news channel. He hires Ron, who proceeds to reunite the news team of Champ (David Koechner), Brick (Steve Carrell), and Brian (Paul Rudd), and head back to New York City.

While there Ron and his news team are given the graveyard shift and a challenge. Ron comes up with a radical new idea to transform the news and that puts him at the top of the game once again. But how long will Ron's newfound fame last?
Culled from IMDB

In the end, time will tell if this movie will become as quotable as its predecessor, but one thing I stand to say is that it is just as funny and it will bring in the box. If this will make the producers want to take a look at Anchor Man 3, I just hope they package a script just as good or even better than this one.
Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continues is a must watch.


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