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Dirty Harry: Magnum Force (1973)

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Dirty Harry: Magnum Force (1973)


Clint Eastwood

Directed by Ted Post

My biggest Issue with Magnum Force is that the movie is not as central focused as the firstDirty Harry. There were too many cases that Harry was attending to, before the movie then decided to focus on the killings being done by suspected police officers.

Because of this focus on the other cases this Dirty Harry movie was long and it is the longest of the Dirty Harry movie series, it is not the worse at least that I can say. The movie for one thing was suspense filled. While the whole incident was going on I was able to guess who the real culprit was, but I didn’t know how high up the corruption was.

Clint Eastwood’s acting was same as that from the first movie, which may be a plus to some and a minus to others who may feel like Magnum Force was just same old, same old Dirty Harry movie, not much difference.

Magnum Force is about a rage of murders going on in the city of San Francisco. Murder in itself is bad, but then what if the murders that occur are about the bad guys that think they are above the law?
Harry (Clint Eastwood) on the other hand is getting into more trouble than usual, finding it hard to deal with his supervisor Lt. Neil Briggs, who seems to be having it in for him at every turn.
In the station also is a bunch of rookies, who seem to be good shots and have Harry’s respect.

At first the killings of the “bad guys” was not taking too seriously by Harry, as he felt he already knew who the killer was. Then he got the bad news that his friend (who he suspected was the killer) was killed on duty by the same killers taking down the bad guys. Now Harry takes the case personal and hunts down the killers.

To be honest watching this DVD was hard, as it was long and there were times I caught myself dozing off to the delayed mayhem that seemed to be going on and then awake when I noticed that the main story was on.

The movie sprung some controversy after its release, there was a scene in it where a prostitute was killed using a drain cleaner. After the movie was released some murders happened using the same method, and one of the convicted persons said he got the idea from this movie.
Magnum Force is long, but it is an OK dirty harry movie.


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