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Let's Be Cops (2014)

Let’s Be Cops (2014)


Jake Johnson
Damon Wayans Jr.

Directed by Luke Greenfield

Here is my conclusion on this movie, Johnson and Wayans Jr, have good on screen chemistry, the script however felt like it was written by toddlers who think being a cop is cool. The movie is directed and written by Luke Greenfield (Something Borrowed (2011)).

Let’s Be Cops is a supposed action comedy film on two friends who pretended to be cops in a town of fools, that town/place being LA. This movie is an insult to the police force, and an insult to viewers. Nothing in the movie made enough sense to make me laugh at the predicament that the two friends found one another and nothing meaningful happened that will make you want to recommend this movie to another individual.

Yet still, Let’s Be Cops was a financial success, WHY? Because we love comedy and anything that is said will make us laugh, we rush to go see it. That is why I watched it, I wanted to laugh, but in the end I ended up wishing I spent my time doing something else.

The movie casts Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are from the FOX TV comedy series New Girl I myself think the show is lame and not funny so seeing these two try something else, hey! I thought they could pull it off.

The movie is about two life-long friends or better still, two life-long losers, Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.), a video game designer who is struggling to pitch a game about policemen to his employers, and Ryan (Jake Johnson), a washed up college quarterback, whose career ended due to this stupidity.

While heading for their college reunion Ryan convinces them to go dressed as cops only to find out it was a masked party. They left upset and walking back home, they were treated as real cops on the street. The idea stuck and Ryan convinces them to start pretending to be cops for real. They went ahead and bought a used cop car and the pretense continued. It was going well, they got respect and women until they got into major trouble with gangsters.

Making ten times its production cost, I hope the producers will not think it is a sign to make another. With the rage of part 2s and so forth churning out of Hollywood I hope this movie dies a single part and never see the light of day again.


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