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Son of Batman (2014)

Son of Batman (2014)


Starring the voice of
Jason O'Mara
Stuart Allan
Thomas Gibson
Morena Baccarin

Directed by Ethan Spaulding

Son of Batman: I saw Assault on Arkham before this, although this came out first. While I felt Assault on Arkham had too many people trying to achieve a task thereby making the movie more of a drag than it was intended to be, Son of Batman is a drag majorly because they changed the story. Why they did this? I don’t know.

The whole father and son blend and match thing and making Talia al Ghul look like a caring mother was just nauseating. For those who haven’t read the Batman and Son story arc, Talia actually sent Damian to Bruce as a form of distraction as she worked out her evil plot, and not to protect him.

The whole story was changed even to the inclusion of Nightwing and Deathstroke. Both were not in the original story. So the whole idea of making Deathstroke the antagonist, who is going after the League of Assassins number one position was just a hoax. Now when you make up a hoax like that you must be ready to sell it along with the characters that we are used to, not changing their behaviors just to suit your story. I watched this flick with my hand in the air wondering if I’m watching an alternate universe version of Batman and Son story arc.

Here the story goes south from the beginning, Deathstroke attacks the League of Assassins and kills Ra’s al Ghul (He does this before Ra’s al Ghul could take a dive into the Lazarus pit to revive himself). Deathstroke then goes after Damian and tries to kill him, as he is the heir to the League of Assassins. He fails and Talia (Damian’s mother and Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter) takes Damian to his father (Batman/Bruce Wayne) for protection.

In the Wayne mansion Damian is finding it hard to settle as the only life he knows is fight, fight, fight. He sneaks off many times trying to finding Deathstroke and revenge the death of his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul.
The Bat stops him on his tracks of making revenge cloud his judgment and almost getting himself killed. The Bat then trains him to be the Robin and together they hunt down Deathstroke, Damian fueled by revenge and The Bat trying to find out what Deathstroke was up to.

I wish they stuck to the original story as this will have made the movie more meaningful.


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