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Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

Muppets Most Wanted (2014)


Ricky Gervais
Ty Burrell
Tina Fey

Directed by James Bobin

Have you seen Muppets Most Wanted?
That was the question I had to face when the movie came out.

I didn’t just jump on the let’s go see a Muppet sequel (Muppet Most Wanted) ride, I thought deep about the first part I saw and was wondering if I had the stomach for another Muppet movie.

Finally after dragging my feet I sat and watched another Muppet movie and I was glad I did. The Movie was excitingly good, and the comic was just always on point.
The songs were not dull like the first onethat I wished I could skip ahead and see what was next, here I sat through it and moved my head side to side, as Constantine and Dominic Badguy, sing about who is number one and who is number two.

Then there were the life actors, Ricky Gervais (Dominic Badguy), Ty Burrell (Jean Pierre Napoleon), and Tina Fey (a high-ranking prison guard). The three of them where more than enough to make this movie a must own for the kids, they all delivered.

There was an opening song in the movie telling us that this sequel was not going to be as good as the first. Well they were wrong, it was better. The only thing the first Muppet movie had over this one was, it just didn’t make as much money as the first, putting a damper on the mood of anyone who wished for a part three.

The movie’s plot kicked off where the other Muppet Movieended. The Muppets have done their show and now they are approached by a Mr. Dominic Badguy, who wanted to take them on a tour of Europe.

Before they met Dominic Badguy, a criminal mastermind named Constantine, escapes from a Siberian Gulag. Constantine is a near exact double for Kermit the Frog in appearance, and joins his subordinate Badguy on the Muppet tour.
Together they needed to get rid of Kermit and allow Constantine to take his place. This was part of their plot to steal the Crown Jewels of England.

Getting rid of Kermit wasn’t hard, acting as Kermit was actually and Constantine had problems.

But the other Muppets didn’t care that Kermit sounded different, all they cared about is making sure that they performed on that day.

I liked this movie and strongly recommend that you go see it with the family and enjoy the songs that the Muppets can deliver.


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