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Batman vs Robin (2015)

Batman vs Robin (2015)


Starring the voice of
Jason O'Mara
Stuart Allan
Sean Maher
Jeremy Sisto

Directed by Jay Oliva

To be honest the idea that Batman could have been Owlman, if things turned out differently fascinates me. I watched this movie not expecting much from the Damian and Bruce (father and son) issue, but this movie was fantastic. The screenplay and animation were on point.

Batman vs. Robin is a 2015 direct-to-video superhero animated film, based partially on the Batman: The Court of Owls story arc written by Scott Snyder. This movie serves as a sequel to 2014's Son of Batman, where we get introduced to Damian the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. The comic book story cuts across various comics and was the first major crossover event in the The New 52, published across the Batman family titles.

In the movie, the whole story was merged into one, where we see Batman, Nightwing and Robin (Damian) take down The Court of Owls.
For me the idea that Batman and Nightwing could take Damian in a fight and then both couldn’t even stand up to the Court of Owls top assassin and leader of the Talons was annoying. I felt they downplayed the strengths of Dick and Bruce to make Damian be the person to stop the Court of Owls top assassin.

The movie story starts with Bruce and Damian not getting along, Damian wanting to be treated as an equal and allowed to make his own decisions.

His rebellious mode led him down the path to be noticed by the Court of Owls top assassin, who wanted to recruit Damian as his apprentice. The Court of Owls also wanted to recruit Bruce Wayne (as Bruce Wayne not Batman), but his rejection of their invite led them to decide to take him out. On the flip side Batman has been investigating the Court of Owls, He, Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Damian Wayne (Robin) decided to take them down.

(Spoiler Alert)
The movie had its twists too, I enjoyed the surprise I got when I found out that the lady with Court of Owls top assassin was also the head of the Owl group and the direction of play of Damian got me too. I was watching, wondering if he knew what he was doing, I actually thought he was setting the Court of Owls top assassin up and doing some infiltration into the Court of Owls only to my surprise to find out that he was actually sold to the ideas of the court and was thinking of joining.

What a nice Batman movie this is, one for the collections. Worth watching again, when I find the time to do so.


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