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Get Hard (2015)

Get Hard (2015)


Will Ferrell
Kevin Hart

Directed by Etan Cohen

Contrary to popular acceptance I don’t see Kevin Hart as a funny individual. He is an over celebrated actor, now add him to a Will Ferrell whose style of comedy is being oblivious of his surroundings and being silly, you have a film with too much over acting that can be spread over three movies.

For me Will Ferrell’s great days was in Old School (2003) and Anchorman (2004), after that the only other time I enjoyed him again was when I saw Stranger Than Fiction (2006) and in that he was serious the comedy was in the script.
In the case where the actor has to be funny for me to laugh, I think this two will rank low for me and with that in mind this movie was not funny, it was dreadful.

The idea of him learning to be hard or tough so he will not be anally raped can pass a funny idea, if the movie didn’t have to rely on the actors to do the jokes for us. Etan Cohen used this movie for his grand directorial debut, and I wish he just stuck to writing. Etan’s writing credit goes far back to the time of Beavis and Butt-head in the 90s and other movies like Tropic Thunder (2008), Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) and Men in Black 3 (2012).

Concerning the screenplay and the writing itself, this movie could have been done better, here we have James King (Will Ferrell) an extremely wealthy fund manager, who is dating his bosses’ daughter. She pushes him to get more money and make sure their future is better secured.
On the other side we have car washer Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) who hopes to take his car washing business to the next level if he could only secure some funds.

Darnell washes James’ car daily and approaches James for the money to expand his car business, James turned him down.
While James and his fiancé were having an engagement party (with John Mayer in attendance) James gets arrested and is convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for embezzlement (which his is innocent of). So he has 30 days to prepare to go to jail, and he hires Darnell to train him to be hard so he will not become someone’s b*#ch.

The over use of gay and racial jokes makes this movie more of a drag than fun. Notwithstanding the movie was a box office hit and such incidents makes me wonder why do people tolerate crap.


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