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Spy (2015)

Spy (2015)


Melissa McCarthy
Jason Statham
Rose Byrne
Miranda Hart
Jude Law

Directed by Paul Feig

Spy is a good movie with so many funny moments you will be caught unawares almost every time. It delivers funny one liners I have never heard on TV before, much of which are to R-rated to be said in the real world.
I have seen many movies with McCarthy performing exquisitely, but this one is the best I have seen of her so far.

The movie actually packs a good story, it is not just plain comedy and overly obvious choreographed perfectly fight scenes that will leave you captivated (wow! that was a mouthful), but the story of the movie is very good.
Paul Feig wrote and directed this movie, making sure the plot is not too complex to lose you, especially with the way Jason Statham keeps popping in and out everywhere and not too dull or laid back to bore you. The only thing about the story I didn’t get to enjoy was when it reached its peak, Spy fell into the same old story every spy movie deals with, double agents.

Spy is about a desk bound CIA agent Susan (Melissa McCarthy) who guides Agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) in his assignments. Fine gets killed on duty by Rayna (daughter of the man Fine killed in error before finding out the locations of a suitcase nuke) and made the CIA aware that she knows all their top agents. The agency is forced to send unknown and untrained Susan out on the field to retrieve the location of the nuke.

Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy worked together in Bridesmaids (2011) and The Heat (2013) which were both good movies to say the least and this movie is a far better movie than McCarthy's ventures in The Hangover Part III (2013) and Identity Thief (2013).

There is more than enough reasons why you should see this movie, other than the bulk load of laughs it has to offer, there is a great spy movie plot attached which can spring forth more sequels if it becomes profitable.

The acting in the movie and all the casts were just wonderful. Everyone delivered wondrous moments, even the cameo appearance of 50 cents may be the best movie appearance in his life (because he is a crappy actor, but a good rapper).

So if this is still showing in a cinema near you, go see it and if it is off their list – hold on the DVD will be out soon.


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