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St. Vincent (2014)

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St. Vincent (2014)


Bill Murray
Melissa McCarthy
Naomi Watts

Directed by Theodore Melfi

You can never get enough of feel good movies, here St. Vincent plays to you heart. It exploits the innocence of our childhood, it took a deep turn into friendship in unlikely places (how as kids we always seem to make friends with even the people we started off with as enemies.)

St. Vincent is not a movie for you and the family to go watch, the high use of language is very inappropriate, but the love in the movie is of high dosage. To cap up this movie we have a cast that will knock your socks off. The cast is led by Bill Murray who plays the grumpy, foul mouthed old neighbor Vincent, we have Melissa McCarthy who plays the lovable mother of Oliver and Vincent’s neighbor.
In supporting we have Oliver the innocent little child who befriends the grouch and Naomi Watts who plays the pregnant Russian prostitute and Vincent’s mistress.

All the cast in the movie are memorable and lovable, even down to Vincent’s beautiful wife and the loan shark played by Terence Howard.

St. Vincent is Bill Murray at his best, it has been a while since we have seen him deliver a mountain of role or character on the screen, but here he delivers the expected mountain as a funny man who hides his sentimental side to the world.

The movie starts with an ugly introduction to the lead male character Vincent, and builds up gently bringing in one character at a time until we are familiar with everyone and their role. Then director and writer of the film Theodore Melfi (who is making his full length debut with this film) guides the story gently as we see a mother (Melissa McCarthy) struggling to be there for her child Oliver and leaves him with her neighbor to babysit.

Her neighbor Vincent ended up being a bad influence to the child, but took care him in ways his mother never had the time to do. A friendship started, but ended quickly as divorce issues with Oliver’s dad ended up in a joint custody 50/50 judgment, a tragedy and stroke brought a growing friendship to an abrupt halt.

Oliver not ready to say goodbye to his new found friend soon, did all he could to get him and Vincent back on good terms.

I guess that is it for me in the movie, we are used to the adults learning from their grumpy ways and changing to meet their mentees half way, but that didn’t happen, Oliver had to come up with ways to meet Vincent half way.
You have to see or possibly own this movie as it is a wonderful drama.


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