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The Maze Runner (2014)

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The Maze Runner (2014)


Dylan O'Brien
Kaya Scodelario
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Ki Hong Lee
Will Poulter

Directed by Wes Ball

Now, this movie hit me from a cliché point, people trapped on what seems to be an island or enclosure with no memory why. Then one day someone who happens to be different from them in thinking comes in and shakes everything up.
Well, I would have turned the movie off right then if I wasn’t excited to see what was beyond the wall of the maze.

The maze is well casted, the CGI and directing is awesome. The moment you start watching it will be difficult to stop as not only the actors, but the story is captivating enough to keep you wanting more… (and there is more folks).

The mystery of what the movie and what the events are all about will keep you glued and the deaths of the people around is sad enough to make you want revenge for the young adults trapped in the maze. The thrill the movie delivers is enough for you to have a great day.

The movie pushes your thinking a little making you ask, if you were in the maze will you want out, or will you make a life in the maze and desire to keep living there.

I watched this movie based on a recommendation, and not having an a idea what the movie had to offer nor reading the book either I just took a chance and I’m glad I did.

Based on a book released in 2009 by James Dashner, the movie and book is the first in the trilogy series of The Maze Runner.

The movie starts with a teenage boy waking up in a box heading up, he finds himself in place called the Glades where young males youths like him have been living together in a society for years. His memory is gone and the only thing he could remember is his name.

The glades has walls rising to the top, with them in the middle, they are boxed in except there is an exit which opens and shuts. The exit leads to a maze, a maze no one has been able to get to the end of.

The boy’s name is Thomas and he is a curious cat, he wanted out and broke all the rules of the Glades society. The have a group called the runners who go into the maze to map it out and search for a way out. But, Thomas one day went in after them when it seemed the Runners were not going to make it out before the doors shut them in and they are killed off by some creatures of the maze.
Thomas did the impossible, no one has ever gone into the maze when and stay there the whole day and survive Thomas did and also did something else. The Maze is like the PAC man game, there are things in the Maze trying to kill you, gigantic creatures that no one has ever seen and lived to tell about it. Thomas saw one and killed it, changing everything.

The movie cast (some) are relatively new to me except Thomas Brodie-Sangster who plays Newt the second in command in the Glades, I recall him from Doctor Who and some other movies. Ki Hong Lee who plays Minho a runner in the movie is also someone I recall seeing in some TV-series, like Modern Family, Victorious and the crappy The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Everyone else is unknown to me, but they were good actors and after looking them up in Wikipedia, they are well seasoned.

You have to catch this movie with a friend, it is awesome.


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