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Burnt (2015)

Burnt (2015)


Bradley Cooper

Directed by John Wells

Burnt is a comedy drama movie about cooking starring Bradley Cooper.
The movie in itself has a storyline that will make you want to storm off the cinema hall and demand your money back. The first 20 minutes opener of the movie give you nothing in the area of captivation, all you will see are actors trying to make you interested in what they had to offer as a movie. You will applaud their acting, but hate what they are offering you.

After the initial useless waste of my time the movie started to be funnier as events unfold than it was interesting. Here is a movie just for food lovers, and nothing like Chef (2014). Chef (2014) for me had more going for it in the case of a storyline that keeps you wanting to see how things will turn out. Chef (2014) surprises you as the events of the movie are not what you will be able to guess from the get go.
Burnt on the other hand delivers a storyline that shows you nothing in the first few minutes and then everything in the next few minutes.

Nothing surprises you when you are watching this movie because you would have guessed the outcome some minutes into it.

Here is the sad tale of Burnt. Adam Jones wrecked his career as a chef and took many others down with him. He decided to punish himself for his act and when he had paid his penance, he decided to return back to the job he loves the most.

Adam now has to come up with a team to make his kitchen the best.

The arrogance of Bradley Cooper’s character Adam Jones was more like the problem with the movie. The arrogance was meant to be a turn on of how chef’s love cooking, but here it is a turn off because what it depicts is, “this guy can get any girl he wants and he is the best cook there is that is why other chef’s biff him.”
When you have such a character in a movie it is best if he is the bad guy, but when he is the good guy and everything works in his favor… then the movie has no surprises just a waste of the blessing of time God has given you.

In the end, I will say the movie underperformed, it failed to deliver anything worthwhile and when it comes to leaving behind a scene memorable for you to describe to a friend to get him to go see this movie, Burnt leaves you with none.

Go see something else, leave this movie be.


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