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The Good Dinosaur (2015)

The Good Dinosaur (2015)


Starring the voices of
Raymond Ochoa
Jack Bright
Sam Elliott
Anna Paquin

Directed by Peter Sohn

Here is Disney/Pixar 16thCGI animated film and along with InsideOut (2015) this will be the first time Disney/Pixar will release two feature films in the same year.
The Good Dinosaur, lacked some early excitement that will keep you wanting to stay through the movie. The main problem I had with the movie is the story, although new and different the elements that compose it are all too familiar making it easy to guess your way through the film. It started with the ugly duckling tale and tapped from the regular lost boy trying to find his way home story.
But the movie does catch on and is watchable, it has some dark elements which you may or may not approve is suitable for younger children.

The Good Dinosaur story is new and different from regular dinosaur stories, as the movie is set in an alternate history. In The Good Dinosaur the asteroid that would have caused the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, passes safely over Earth causing the dinosaurs to evolve to be farmers and herders.

With the dinosaurs not extinct the pre-historic humans couldn’t run the earth, and our first glance of human life had a human baby presented like a dog/pet for a dinosaur. Therefore, instead of watching a lost boy trying to get home and by his side is his faithful dog. What we see is a lost dinosaur trying to get home with his faithful human baby pet named Spot by his side, protecting and helping him. The human barks, growls, sniffs, howls at the moon and walks on all fours. Also, we get to understand the dinosaur’s speech, but not the human.

The writers and animators kept the cinematic environment familiar, we don’t get to see dinosaurs all dressed up, the dinosaurs are not driving cars or flying planes, no scientific advancement of any kind and no form of society structure. The movie has dinosaurs running on land and taking care of their family and showing low forms of technology now how.

The animation story is about an Apatosaurus dinosaur named Arlo, who lives with his family on their farm. After tragedy struck the household Arlo gets lost when trying to live up to his father's shoes. Now trying to find his way home Arlo makes an unlikely human friend, he named him Spot and together they face the challenges ahead as they try to make it home.

This movie will be Disney/Pixar's first box office loss as it is struggling at the box-office to recoup its production budget and it will be their lowest-grossing film until date.


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