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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2016)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2016)


Jason Lee
Tony Hale
Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Josh Green

Directed by Walt Becker

In comparison to the previous Alvin and The Chipmunks film, Chipwrecked (2011) there is much improvement in comparison to this fourth installation when it comes to the songs and the comedy. Although, all together this movie is not worth the effort or time I put into seeing it.

To be honest the Chipmunks have had their feel of Hollywood, three films was a stretch but a forth was just taking it too far. After the lackluster reaction from critics and audience, you would expect the studio not to invest any more millions in this sinking ship. But when they consider the possible millions to be made, they took a chance.

Alvin and his pals had some cool adventures I enjoyed seeing the 80s adaptation of the characters, but the moment the show got turned to a movie, the first part was worth seeing for me, but by the second I got tired of Dave screaming ALVIN!!!
As a matter of fact, I got tired of hearing them squeak-sing or speak, then add the other cast in this movie like Josh Green who played Miles in the movie (the son of Dave’s love interest), he acted like someone who had no screen experience, which made me check up on him on IMDB and can see more than 5 movies on his profile.

Unlike the previous movies that made enough from the box office which resulted in the continuation of the franchise, this forth addition to the franchise didn’t make that much, on a $90 million budget, it brought in over $233 million. Secondly this movie although it was better than its previous it has the lowest review rating, all this makes me wish the studio will withdraw from doing a part 5.

In this fourth installment, Alvin and his crew noticed that Dave seem to be spending more time focusing on getting an artist his manages to the prominent light of a star, making the chipmunks feel left out of Dave’s life. To make it worse their touring and singing career has been on hold while Dave focus on other interest and the Chipettes are now busy as guest judges on American Idol, Alvin, Simon and Theodore started feeling neglected and were ready to do anything to get Dave’s attention back.

Dave informed and introduces them to his new girlfriend. During the day the boys saw Dave with an engagement ring and fear came on them that Dave will be more interested in his new girl than them, so they decided to destroy any plans Dave has on proposing.

They were assisted in this marriage proposal demise by Miles, Dave’s love interest son.

Wiki this movie and read the plot and don’t bother seeing it.


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