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The Intern (2015)

The Intern (2015)


Robert De Niro
Anne Hathaway
Rene Russo

Directed by Nancy Meyers

A film about an old guy applying and getting the job of an intern in a company years ahead of his time reminds me a lot of The Internship (2013) which discouraged me from even giving the movie a try. But upon seeing it, the movie is awesome.

The Intern is a fun movie to see and easy to get sucked into. The movie sets a pace and moves steadily making you guess what the end would be, the probable repercussions or conclusions that would be, then it comes up with something you will not expect.

Every minute is worth it and Anne Hathaway is a wonderful actress, and pairing her with Robert De Niro was an awesome sight, each moment they were on screen together, you will be left to gaze at the sleek transition of events as they unfolded between the two on the screen.

Written, directed and produced by the talented Nancy Meyers (Something’s Gotta Give (2003) and It’s Complicated (2009)). This movie follows her trend of marching two people who fit into each other’s life to correct what was wrong, unlike the two movies listed above as a credit to her, this movie is not a romantic link between the two cast. It is more like a father and daughter connection or a mentor to mentee connection, from two unlikely people.

The Intern is about an e-commerce fashion site About the Fit which is growing at a rapid rate and decides to open its doors to the old to come work as interns as part of a community outreach program.

Ben (Robert De Niro) applied and got taken to serve as an intern and placed to work under founder and CEO Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). At first appearing as a missed match, Ben’s persistent to be useful and work ethics soon got the eyes of Jules, who rejected all Ben’s previous approach to be useful until she was forced to accept him as a chauffeur as hers was sick and Ben was the only person available.

First car rides, then a coffee and soon Ben became her friend and a part of her life which she felt she was losing control of.

Jules learned a lot from Ben and with his help was able to take more control of her life and make the best of her workplace and home front.

Also in the cast in this movie is Rene Russo (playing Fiona) Ben’s love interest.
Take the time to go see this movie, you will be glad you did.


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