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The House (2017)

The House (2017)


Will Ferrell
Amy Poehler

Directed by Andrew Jay Cohen

The movie is weirdly funny and regardless of the critics panning it and Rotten Tomatoes audience ratings being as low as it can be, I found the movie gainfully entertaining.
The studio on the other hand will not feel the same way, the movie was not only a critical nightmare, it was also a commercial failure grossing $34 million in the box office against its $40 million budget.

This comedy starred Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler both as parents of an aspiring child who wants to go to college. The fun in this movie was the blend of over the top comedy and everyday occurrences glazed with comedic mistakes that ended up making me laugh all the way through its 80 minutes.

The movie plot is about a couple Scott and Kate (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler respectively), who picked a university with their daughter and then applied. When the same university finally picked them back, they were over joyed and nothing in their wildest dream could ruin the occasion.

Like every good parent they already have plans and financial structures in place to make sure their child gets the best education and in the end not financially bankrupt them. Their financial backing was their community college fund, as their time has come to be benefactors of the fund.

The two believed everything was in place for them to fulfill their daughters dream until the head of the neighborhood committee decided to go on a different path. The head had other plans for the money, he wanted to build a water park for the community and got the committee backing to go ahead, shelving Scott and Kate’s need.

Now these two are left stranded they have maxed out all form of financial assistance they could get their hands on and with no hope in sight, they now need to find a way to make things happen for their daughter.

Their friend who is a gambling addict had a plan, which made sense when you think of it, the House never loses. He suggested that they turn his house into a casino and invite their friends in the neighborhood to come play. Their hope is, the more they play the more money the House will make and they will finally be able to afford to send their daughter to college.

The House is a funny comedy and for me it is worth seeing when you get about to it, I can understand that many hate it for the same reason I have come to like the movie, but I feel it is best in this kind of movie to get a feel for yourself.


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