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Death Sentence (2007)

Death Sentence (2007)


Kevin Bacon
Kelly Preston

Directed by James Wan

When Death Sentence starts with much concentration on family pictures and family itself you can guess the movie is going to bend towards someone in the family going crazy on behalf of something happening to one of the them.
The movie for me had many holes and to add to that it then possessed this high sense of unreality, where a man can flip from wearing a suit to a killer. The reality the movie decided to paint may not be true-reality, but it was a fun one.

The writers jumped in with a lot of family love being thrown around making you almost want to turn off the TV. They moved from there into a murder and from there, they decided to skip what you will see in most movies, the prep.
Every action movie plot always has a prep, except this one.
Here are how things went from the start. After the whole murky family love one member of the family gets killed.
The husband/father (Kevin Bacon) of the home who witnessed the incident decided not to give a statement and let the accused go free. Here is where you will expect a prep, he didn’t bother to try and understand the accused ways, he didn’t even bother about his gang. He went home picked a weapon without thinking and went after the accused, he killed the accused and went home.

It didn’t take long before the rest of the gang figured out who did it and the next few minutes into the movie, he is being chased down the street by the gang members of the man he killed.
At this point you will think the man’s situation was going to go from bad to worse, but how worse will the situation get, you will have to watch and see.

The writers threw reality out the window and turned our lead to some sort of killer on the loose to take down a gang.
Now you and I know that it is impossible for someone with military background to go after a gang singlehandedly not to talk of someone with no killing experience or military experience.

How such situations end is never good, and this movie leaves you guessing on how matters where going to turn out in the end.

I will recommend this movie, but for the action junkies and not anyone who is hoping to see a well composed and rounded movie.


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