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Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)


Ron Perlman
Selma Blair
Doug Jones

Directed by Guillermo del Toro

Where Hellboy (2004) focused more on the character and its origin, this second part of the film is more geared towards how they handled cases, especially cases bigger than what anyone can handle without the aid of the BPRD.
Now there is some character exceptions, but just one so you will not be missing anyone.
The fantasy world of this movie is awesome, and the fight scenes are spectacular. In this here Hellboy, much focus was on the characters themselves and not just Hellboy. The acting and characterization will win you over and fight the fight scenes were fun seeing.

The movie plot also shows us a younger Hellboy and a younger John Hurt caring for him, but the main plot is about the world in danger again and needing our hero.
At a certain time in our human existence we were at war with magical creatures. The king of the elves, Balor was offered some help on how to deal with the human evaders. The help came from a goblin blacksmith who built an indestructible mechanical army.

The king was encouraged by his son Prince Nuada, to accept such help, but the king later regretted as the Golden Army were on the verge of wiping out humanity. Regretting his actions, Balor forms a truce with humans, that they will keep to the cities and the magical creatures to the forests.

The crown that commands the Golden Army, which can only be worn by someone of royal blood, was split into three pieces. One was with the human world, one with Nuada's twin sister and the last one with Balor.
Nuada not agreeing with such a truce exiles himself.

In the present time, Nuada found the piece of the crown that was with the humans, he totally massacred the humans present and leaves with it going after his father to get the remain pieces and making the crown again.

The BPRD team caught up the present proceedings and now must stop Nuada from resurrecting the Golden Army and destroying the whole human race.
This movie, also had some tiny subplots.

Abe had a female interest and Hellboy and Liz had a bun in the oven. There was also the introduction of new characters which were quiet exquisite in form.

Guillermo del Toro was at the reigns of crafting this script and directing it. The new Hellboy is a total new making of the whole Hellboy franchise, but I will forever praise del Toro for bringing the comic character into life.


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