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Knowing (2009)

Knowing (2009)


Nicolas Cage
Rose Byrne

Directed by Alex Proyas

Knowing is not (or I want to believe did not try to) make some known scientific facts portrayed as accurate as this movie claims to have shown us. I also have some criticism on the path the director chose for this movie. This movie is multi-directional and that can make many viewers lose taste in the movie. The movie moves from a scientific path to predicting the future. It then heads down that road to trying to change the future and finally settling for out of this world experience for the few.
Now all these directions can seem possible given anyone can be as confused as the lead was who is trying to find the best path in addressing the numbers before him.

The movie plot is a lot about numbers, dates and GPS location details of events that have happened or will happen. The numbers got into the hands Prof John Koestler (Nicolas Cage) an astrophysicist, when he took his son to school and they were to bring out a time-capsule he school buried exactly five decades ago.
Many letters were written by the kids of the school five decades ago and their teacher back then buried them. She came back to open the capsule and handed the letters over to the kids of the school for them to see what their counterparts fifty years ago had buried.

Caleb (John’s son) walked up to collect his letter only to get a letter from a certain Lucinda and it contained numbers, while his classmates got letters with pictures. Caleb took the list of numbers home and after some examination by John, he discovered that the numbers correspond to date and death toll of tragic events. Many of which had already occurred. He soon later discovered that some of the numbers were co-ordinates where a tragic event was going to happen.

He tracked down the daughter of the girl who wrote these set of numbers (after learning that the girl, Lucinda was dead) and asked about her mother’s ability to predict the future with much accuracy.
She helped him to see that, some of the things written in the list were written in mirror image.

All this led to John discovering something catastrophic was going to happen, besides that he had to deal with men that keep showing up around his son, dodging him and getting away every time he gives chase.

Knowing did well in the box-office and it is one of the last huge Box-Office takings for Cage. The movie like I said can be distasteful for anyone who likes a good movie to be unidirectional with subplots and not multi-directional with subplots.


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