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Super Dark Times (2017)

Super Dark Times (2017)


Owen Campbell
Charlie Tahan

Directed by Kevin Philips

It never gets old watching a movie about someone facing a shocking event and it takes a toll on their mind until they finally lose it.
Super Dark Times starts with a well put together introduction of the characters at play and it grows from they into an explosive thrill, full of suspense.

This thrilling drama is about the tale of four friends, set in 90s.
Two of which are best friends, Josh and Zack. The two are friends with another duo of friends Daryl and Charlie. The four can be seen hanging together, and one day Josh takes them to his place to show them some of his brother’s gear.
They include nunchaku, a samurai sword and a bag of weed.

While the sword was more thrilling to the rest, Daryl was more interested in the bag of weed, as he has never smoked weed before – he was excited and curious on how the ride will be like.
Josh, not wanting to get into any trouble with his brother, tried to get Daryl to drop the weed as they promised to have fun with the sword.
Daryl pretended to drop it, only to take it with him as he and the others went to the woods to toss milk cartons in the air and cut them with the sword.

On looking around Josh saw Daryl smoking the weed, and he got upset and some scuffle started with the two of them. Zack did his best to pull them apart, he succeeded and gave the weed back to Josh to take back home with him. Daryl behaving uncontrollably went after Josh and that led to a tragic moment.

Now this happened somewhat early in the movie which made me wonder what path the movie will follow from here.
The path it took was a little surprising and some of the stops along the way expected.

The tragic event weighed heavy on Zack, who was having nightmares and difficulty sleeping. He tried to talk to Charlie, who didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Zack is alone and confused on what to do next, and his friend’s irrational behavior made him even more uneasy.

Then another student gets murdered, and Zack’s uneasiness went overboard as he doesn’t know what to do and his friends are all distancing themselves from him.

Super Dark Times is a fun movie to watch and it will remain memorable when you are done.


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