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Viy (2014)

Viy (2014)


Jason Flemyng
Aleksey Chadov
Valery Zolotukhin

Directed by Oleg Stepchenko

Heard about the movie while watching a Looper clip of movies not to look forward to this year and Viy 2:  Journey to China (2019) is one of such movies.
Being a fan of Jackie Chan and knowing that he will be in Viy 2, made the Looper video a none deterrent for me and I was hell bent to see it when it gets released. So, the best thing will be to see what led to Viy 2.

Viy is a Russian movie based off Nikolai Gogol's horror story of the same name. The movie pushes the limit of your mind, as you are taken on a ride of mystic setting. This dark fantasy movie focuses on the events of the life of a fictional British cartographer Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng). Set in the early 18th century, we see the lead head out on a journey to map parts of Europe.

His journey was filled with many love notes to his girl at home via carrier pigeon. His girl is carrying his child and all through the movie we watch her get bigger, deliver and tend to the baby because Green’s voyage was a long one.
The movie places you on the collision path where you must determine to turn towards the idea that everything was a figment of others imagination or go head on to believe all the mysterious events were tied to witches and mystical creatures.

Green was on that path, and after he was chased into a town which was suffering from what they have come to believe are attacks from witches. Add to that the many stories of strange happenings in the town, I was now very interested to see how everything will add up.

There was a poor unfortunate girl who was killed in the town before Green arrived and her body was kept in a tower.

A man was sent to go perform some prayers on her body, the movie then depicts what happened to the man who went to the tower. These depictions are from the perspective of another, which places the dead girl in the middle of a somewhat plot. This man has not returned from the tower and this has placed the town in some very uncomfortable view of things.

The dead girl’s father is suspicious of what was happening in his town, not believing that everything has something to do with mystic powers. He approached the scientist to perform a task of mapping the town using the hill grave site as the center.

His decision to take on this task was because of the money involved, but the task was a heavy one. With many subplots going on, the scientist is left to wonder if everything is real or everyone in the town is bunkers.

Viy is an ok movie, one which I can say you will enjoy when you take the time to see it.


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