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Incredibles 2 (2018)

Incredibles 2 (2018)


Starring the voices of
Craig T. Nelson
Holly Hunter
Sarah Vowell
Huck Milner
Samuel L. Jackson

Directed by Brad Bird

It has been fourteen years since we last saw the Parr family suit-up to save the world and their family life. They, back in 2004 showed us how strong they are together when they are up against any menacing force.
Now after the last incident in The Incredibles (2004) which left us wondering what The Underminer was all about, this sequel picks up from that point.
Brad Bird delivers a stunner of a sequel, even though it is not as superb as the first The Incredibles (2004). He pulled out a deep family comedy with enough action to keep you entertained. He also went one step further in character development for each member of the Parr family (except Dash). The script works, as it keeps you entertained when Bob took on the family side of things and Helen was out there being the hero the world needs.

Incredibles 2 is Disney/Pixar twentieth feature animated movie and it is quite long in comparison to the other Pixar movies.
As said, the movie follows up on the events from the last movie as the Parr family now goes up against The Underminer and in doing so, they caused a lot of havoc.
This brings back the voice of those asking for the supers to be barred from using their powers. After a bad handling of the aftermath of the issues, the Parr had to get their acts right as the government will no longer be taking care of their relocation anymore.

Forced to accept the fact that they will have to get jobs and get things right, Frozone shows up telling them he was approached by a man who wants to change things. The new helper wants Elastigirl to be the new face of the superhero world as he wants to rebrand them.
Bob not so cool with the idea now must stay home with the kids while the Mrs. is out there saving the world (I’m sure you saw all this in the trailer).

Her world saving, and job gave the family enough money to get on with their life although her world saving was not as interesting as watching Bob being at home.

We saw Jack-Jack show off his swiss army knife of powers. He can change form, turn to a monster, set his whole body a blaze, travel through dimensions, ability to hear from another dimension, multiply, shoot beams from his eyes and much more.
The movie’s villain is actually a waste called Screenslaver, I preferred the villain from the last movie.

The movie animation is just as amazing as I expected, and I had some amazing nostalgia hearing some of the voices I knew. The movie may not be in par with The Incredibles (2004) as that movie had more focus on the thrill than the comedy, here the movie is more on the comedy than the thrill.

Dash was more like just a hang around Bird didn’t know what to do with. Unlike the others he had less to say and very little screen time. His character was at a point in the movie just a hindrance to fun from my view. Even with that, the movie is a great follow up and I will be looking forward to how the Parr family square up against their next foe, now that they can be.


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