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My Spy (2020)

My Spy (2020)


Dave Bautista
Chloe Coleman
Kristen Schaal
Ken Jeong

Directed by Peter Segal

The girl in this movie is cute and Dave Bautista is not. He may have charmed us in Guardian of the Galaxy, but his charm failed to woe me here.
The movie starts with an action scene and then soft pedals into a drag of a spy tale which reminds you a little of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990 Kindergarten Cop. As we watch a huge man heavily built partner with a young child.

The difference here is that the child is in the know of who the spy is and she is very smart.

I did not dig the idea that JJ (Bautista) was classed in the CIA as not that much good as an agent because he tends to be obvious. It kind of makes it seem silly that even after knowing that, you will send a stiff agent who has issues with blending in to be a spy.
Then it seemed too farfetched that he and his partner could have been made by a 9-year-old, Sophie. Worse, she tracked them down to their base of operation.

The movie decision to remain on the bore side of action and make the comedy not so out there was for me a sad take on how this movie was supposed to be. The girl on the other hand had the acting thing all covered. Then the dramatic side of the movie is what gives it the edge, the girl was amazing and if not for her I would have given up on the movie earlier on.

Anyways, the fun in the movie is watching the little girl be better at the spy thing than the spy himself. Their bonding though was smooth, which made it easy for me to glide through the movie.

They both had a nice chemistry. The main reason for JJ to be in their life (Sophie and her single parent mother) was because they wanted to catch Sophie’s uncle.

In the end, the movie is meh, not great not bad. The musical score could have been much better and they should have decided to either make the action more intense or the comedy more pronounce. The script to which the movie is based needs so much work.

How JJ was able to form a bond with anybody else in the movie, to which in the end bonds were formed is far beyond me. Much of the bond in the movie was between JJ and Sophie, because they spent time together the most.

The movie is part of many which were yanked off their theatrical release because of the present Covid-19 Pandemic, it was purchased for distribution by Amazon, so you should be able to catch this movie on Amazon.


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