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Bullet Train (2022)

Bullet Train (2022)




Brad Pitt

Joey King

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Brian Tyree Henry

Andrew Koji


Directed by David Leitch


Bullet Train is one of those uselessly entertaining movies you can watch. The movie has a Kill Bill vibe, but then thrives on linking all the action with some comedy.

The fun for me is the way the movie is written. Everything seems loose and you are unable to fit everything to make sense, then the bad guy White Death helps you to link it all in the end. His identity and face did not show until the very end (like the novel Moby Dick) when everyone involved had to take on the big bad guy and his goons.

Every one of the main casts on the train is linked in one weird way or another and it was sad to see the death of any of the main cast, because I was enjoying seeing them a lot. Each on a separate mission, fate brought them all together (you will think).

The director did a nice work so did the screenplay writer who adapted this Japanese novel Maria Beetle by Kōtarō Isaka. The action sequences are smooth and slick. The fights enjoyable with some elements of comedy added to each punch.

We are introduced to a man named codenamed Lady Bug (Brad Pitt) who believes he is one of the unluckiest man alive. He left his job as an assassin to try and center himself. He wants to overcome the disbelief that anything good can happen to him. After some sessions with a therapist (which are things, we do not see) he is feeling better, and he is ready to go back to work. His handler gave him a simple snatch and grab job. He is to get on a bullet train, snatch a suitcase and get off. He got on the train saw the suitcase with ease and he was uncomfortable, because he saw the twins on board Lemon and Tangerine (assassins).

Seeing them and his ease of finding the suitcase his mind starts messing with him and he feels something bad is going to happen and he needs to get off the train. He tries to get off the train, but was attacked by another assassin who by some luck happens to be at the same door he was tying to get off and he was trying to get on.

Lady Bug had to deal with this unforeseen attack while Lemon and Tangerine notice that their suitcase is gone. The suitcase Lady Bug took was the ransom money they were to retrieve for White Death when they saved his son. While discussing their current predicament they also discover the man they saved has been killed while the stepped aside to argue.

Now they suspect the person who took the case had a hand it in. Meanwhile Lady Bug who took the case did not have a hand in their situation but was in a life or death situation of his own.

Fun movie, worth the theatre money.



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