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DC League of Super-Pets (2022)

DC League of Super-Pets (2022)




Dwayne Johnson

Kevin Hart

Kate McKinnon

John Krasinski

Vanessa Bayer


Directed by Jared Stern


The movie felt like Paw Patrol on speed. I have seen many people rate this movie well and I watched it knowing it was for kids, but I did not know it was for the Paw Patrol kind of children. I was bored out of my mind and at one time almost gave up. There is nothing impressive about the voice work, it was the same duo of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, doing what felt more like a routine than actual voice work. Nothing spectacular about the graphics, it was half better than Paw Patrol and the story was just poor. I expected too much from the writers, but if you watch this and think of how easy those children show is, you will understand why it felt lame.

In those shows the bad guys carry a face with bad almost pasted on it. And the good guys seem to mature daily on learning new ways to be better. This movie had all those weak writing work drooling all over the screen.

It starts with a visit to Krypton where we see Kal-El (Clark Kent/Superman) playing with a puppy. Krypton is about to be destroyed so he was sent to earth with this puppy. They grow up together and become a superhero duo known everywhere, Superman and Krypto.

Krypto has the same powers as Superman and he struggles mixing with the other dogs, only close to Superman. When Superman and Lois Lane started to get close and wanting to spend more time together, Krypto became jealous, and Superman wanted to do all he can to make him feel better.

It is here (when Superman tries to adopt another pet) we meet a group of animals at the shelter led by Ace a dog who promises the other animals there (a pig, squirrel, tortoise, and guinea pig) that when he breaks out (as he is always trying) he will break the others out and take them to a farm.

One of the animals used to work with Lex Luther and the time he spent in captivity he built something which he used to steal a fragment of Orange Kryptonite which gave the creature and the others super-powers. This animal has a grudge of Krypto and he decided to hurt Krypto by kidnapping Superman and all the Justice League. Now, Krypto must work with the other animals to come up with a plan to save the superheroes.

Nothing spectacular about this animation other than it was made for children and not for anyone who can think for themselves.


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